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Datacard CD800 Card Printer

Datacard CD800 Card Printer

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Create longer-lasting ID cards that better resist forgery and alteration. The Entrust Datacard CD800 card printer with inline lamination module helps you protect your ID cards from abrasion, chemicals, daily wear and tear and fraud. You also get faster printing, more reliable performance and the highest print resolution available in a desktop card printer.

The CD800 card printer also offers an amazing new optional feature called Tactile Impression which allows you to imprint a custom image directly into the card surface right at the end of the laminate process. The additional module allows you to insert a metal stamp that applies an image directly into the surface of the laminate before it is ejected from the printer.

The Entrust Datacard CD800 with inline lamination (also called the CD800 CLM) along with unique tactile impression feature:

  • Offers an extra security layer that you can see and feel
  • Is a simple solution that stands up to counterfeiting threats
  • Is easy to verify impression and authenticate cards quickly
  • Has inexpensive and completely customizable design options

The CD800 also comes in an OpenCard Format which is popular among casinos and other gaming facilities for issue player or patron cards.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

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