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BioConnect LR1

BioConnect LR1


The BioConnect LR1 biometric device and authentication platform is for changing threat levels of low to high security access points including interior and exterior doors, data centers, server cabinets, safes, MDF/IDF closets, and IIOT devices.

Users tap their card or place their fingers on the LR1 device. If BioConnect Link software’s two-factor authentication is enabled, the user then receives a mobile push notification and authenticates. Upon successful authentication, access to the door is granted!

The BioConnect LR1 reader with Link software can increase security measures required for physical access authentication based on perceived system risk. System responses can be categorized from a Low threat level to a Severe threat level.

The LR1 reads fingerprints as well as most standard access control cards.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

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