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ISG AutoCam E300 Elite Camera

ISG AutoCam E300 Elite Camera

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The AutoCam E300 from the ISG is a sophisticated photo ID camera with live video preview and operator-controlled pan, tilt and zoom functionality. Unique features of the camera include auto-positioning to frame an image, along with click, drag and release to move the camera to any location immediately.

The AutoCam Model 300 Elite Camera is designed to provide the very best quality, consistency and speed.. The unique face-finder feature saves you time by automatically centering the subject with one click. Also, ISG exclusive cameras can be supported for the long term, unlike consumer cameras that require continual replacement.

Quality, speed and consistent cropping and centering are very important aspects of a photo ID system — and result in improved visual security. Captured images must be of high quality for the database and the printed card. Fast image capture from various distances, with the subject standing or sitting, is key. Captured images that are too far away from the person, too close to the person, or off-centered can compromise not only your photo ID card system but also your security program.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

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