Asset Manager

Asset Manager

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Asset Manager is a software solution designed to manage and track assets such as equipment, supplies, electronics, and vehicles. Any item that can be labeled with a barcode can be logged into the Asset Manager software and assigned to a department, agency, or other user-defined group.

With Asset Manager, you can quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using any asset and view inventory details. Asset Manager is a stand-alone product, but can also be integrated with other Mobile Solutions™ and Companion Products to build a more comprehensive system.

  • Label assets with tags
  • Assign assets to people
  • Includes NIMS forms for federal reimbursements
  • Manage grants
  • Associate assets to each other
  • Attach documents to assets
  • NFPA 1851 compliant
  • Track equipment, parts, vehicles & more
  • Schedule & track maintenance
  • Track by department, date, grant & more
  • Share collected asset data

Asset Manager is a stand alone product but can be integrated with other Mobile Solutions Core and Companion products to build a more comprehensive system.

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