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Press Releases

The ISG Donates to Paws for Purple Hearts

Donations from the ISG’s 2018 Spring Meeting went to this national veteran’s support organization that trains specialized service dogs.

Shawnee, KS (PRWEB) April 10, 2018

The Identification Systems Group once again selected a local charity for its Annual Spring Meeting for members and partners. This year, as the event was held in San Antonio, Texas, they chose the Paws for Purple Hearts (PPH) organization, who recently opened a training location there. The group collectively donated over $28,000 from both members and partners combined.

Paws for Purple Hearts trains specialized service dogs for both physically and psychologically wounded veterans. The dogs are especially helpful to service members who suffer from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), TBI (traumatic brain injury) or MST (military sexual trauma) who require someone to be with them at all times to comfort them or help them refocus when they are overcome by their symptoms. While in training to become service dogs, the dogs help Paws for Purple Hearts deliver Canine-Assisted Warrior Therapy™, an innovative therapy developed by PPH that reduces the symptoms of trauma-related conditions such as PTSD by involving patients with those conditions in structured sessions in which they help train and prepare the assistance dogs Paws for Purple Hearts will provide to their comrades and the organizations that support them. Paws for Purple Hearts’ motto “Warriors
Helping Warriors” reflects this concept.

It takes about 2.5 years for a puppy to become thoroughly trained by Paws for Purple Hearts to learn over 100 commands. Every service dog trained through this unique program is provided free of charge to the veteran in need. Dogs bred intentionally for the program actually choose their veteran partners, and go through an additional, rigorous training regime alongside them to better understand each other and connect.

“We are thrilled to donate to this unique veterans’ assistance program,” says Tom Stiles, the ISG’s Executive Director. “We are grateful for the presentation about the program and its benefits for veterans that was given by the Paws for Purple Hearts team at our Spring Meeting. Understanding the value of this service to our wounded warriors aided in the motivation for our members and partners to give generously.”

Jeff Bizzarro, a veteran recipient of the Paws for Purple Hearts program who spoke at the ISG charity event, stated, “The PPH Team San Antonio’s dedication and commitment to our nation’s veterans touched me deeply. The overwhelming support and heartfelt thanks I felt from all of the ISG participants was truly incredible. Annie (his PPH service dog) and I are grateful to share our experiences in order to honor and support all of
those who serve.”

About the ISG

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide network of local experts in identification, security, tracking, and card personalization technologies, providing high quality, cost-effective solutions backed by local support and the strength of our Professional Services Certification program. Each member company works together to provide seamless support and collaboration in the identification and issuance industries across the USA and Canada.

About Paws for Purple Hearts

Paws for Purple Hearts is the first organization of its kind to offer Canine-Assisted Warrior Therapy™. They
began in 2006 as a research program at the prestigious Bergin University of Canine Studies together with
the Menlo Park Veterans Administration Medical Center. Paws for Purple Hearts has since evolved into a
separate non-profit organization operating with its own 501(c)(3) status. To learn more, please visit

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