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Physical Access Control Solutions

physical access control

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) provides an entire suite of solutions for managing your physical security access control needs, including employee identification, visitor registration, issuing door access cards, tracking time cards, and recording security video.

Our BadgePass™ solutions provide the greatest flexibility and accountability of any physical access control system (PACS) products on the market, with easy integration between modules to meet your organization's exact security management needs.

You can also take a look at our door access control products such as multi-technology readers, ISG™ contactless cards and access wristbands.

BadgePass™ Access Manager

Access Manager simplifies your facility’s physical security access management while creating a more secure workflow. Real-time messaging and cross platform communication eliminate the need to maintain separate access control databases.

If a faculty member loses a key to a building, the only way to deactivate their lost one is to rekey the entire building. Costly and time-consuming, rekeying seldom happens, leaving many buildings vulnerable to security risks. BadgePass™ Access Manager can be implemented as an alternative means of physical access control throughout an entire campus or organization, not just a single facility, allowing you to grant and restrict access to specific areas on any of your locations. You can also run reports on who has accessed each door and when.

Learn more about this physical security access solution in our Access Manager datasheet.

BadgePass Access Manager

BadgePass™ Identity Manager

BadgePass Identity Manager

Identity Manager provides a single point of enrollment, credential management, and employee identification management across all BadgePass™ modules. It can also help manage users and identities within the system, create customized work flows, and enforce security policies to easily and efficiently increase your overall security.

Read more about this physical access control solution in our Identity Manager datasheet.

Proxess Wireless Locksets

Is it a lock...or an access control system? What if you could track who entered your door and when? What if you could immediately re-key a door without any wasted time or expense? What if you could avoid key duplication completely?

Proxess Wireless Lockset

Now you can. Proxess wireless locksets allow you to make each door its own access control system. From a single doorway entry point to an entire network of doors across your facility, Proxess offers you simple, expandable and affordable access control solutions for any budget. Even better, installation can be done quickly and easily without any drilling, just like a standard door lock.

Speak with us about these and other access control solutions.

ISG™ Multi-Technology Readers

multi-technology readers

The ISG's multi-technology contactless smart and proximity card readers are the most flexible in the industry. Finally, one reader handles all applicable ISO standards (14443 and 15693) and reads both 125 kHz proximity ID cards and 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards. Our multi-technology readers are compatible with many other 125 kHz and 13.56 MHz technologies on the market today. Our dual-technology credentials contain both proximity card and contactless smart card technology in one unit.

Contact the ISG for the newest Multi-Technology Reader datasheets on the wide variety of options we provide.

ISG™ Contactless Credentials

ISG contactless credentials

ISG™ contactless smart cards, key tags and fobs, built on industry standard contactless technology, provide robust security across multiple applications, and the open architecture allows for easy installation and implementation. Applications such as door access control can be easily added, and cards can be processed automatically in the card issuance system, eliminating multiple enrollment processes. These cost-effective contactless credentials are more powerful and secure than proximity ID cards, and provide 100x faster read speeds with 100x greater storage capacity. We also offer well-known industry branded contactless solutions from manufacturers such as HID and Identiv.

Learn more from our Contactless Smart Credential datasheet.

ISG™ Access Wristbands

ISG prox wristbands

For the ultimate in discreet, functional access, the ISG offers our MIFARE and Proximity access wristbands, which can be customized with your organization's logo. These durable, water resistant wristbands are an excellent solution, especially for campus environments where access or identification may be necessary for a variety of functions such as building access, vending services, identification, and more. ISG™ Access Wristbands are the perfect solution for students, teachers, janitorial staff, warehouse staff, security guards, transportation workers, healthcare workers, park employees, and more, where quick access might be needed without fumbling for their access card.

For more information, please read our ISG™ Access Wristbands datasheet.

Ask Us About Our Physical Security Solutions

With a variety of versatile and easy-to-use physical security access options available, the ISG is the only resource you need. Contact us today to learn more about our physical access control solutions.