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Capture Devices

capture devices

The ISG offers a complete portfolio of flexible and reliable photo ID cameras, plus signature and biometric capture devices, with USB and TWAIN connectivity, capable of meeting both your needs and your budget. Whether you need a capture device to replace an existing unit, or you need to integrate a complete package into your photo ID system, the ISG can provide solutions that meet your requirements and exceed your expectations. ISG photo ID cameras are compatible with most photo ID software packages, including BadgePass™ and Datacard® IDWorks®, ID Centre™ and TruCredential™ solutions.

ISG™ AutoCam E300 Elite Camera

Autocam E300

The AutoCam E300 is a sophisticated photo ID camera with live video preview and operator-controlled pan, tilt and zoom functionality. Unique features of the camera include auto-positioning to frame an image, along with click, drag and release to move the camera to any location immediately. ISG™ AutoCam solutions provide the very best quality, consistency and speed for your photo ID card program.

ISG Seal of Approval Learn more by reading our ISG™ AutoCam E300 Elite datasheet.

ISG™ AutoCam Z100 Zoom Camera

Autocam Z100

Delivering high resolution image capture with full zoom control via mouse or keyboard, this exclusive ISG camera also supports NIST and ICAO standards for law enforcement applications. The ISG™ AutoCam Z100 provides a combination of quality, consistency and speed for enhancing your photo ID card program.

ISG Seal of Approval For more information, read our ISG™ AutoCam Z100 Zoom datasheet.

ISG™ CV50 Photo ID Camera

CV50 Camera

The ISG™ CV50 Photo ID Camera is ideal for customers that need a reliable and flexible photo ID solution as it is a compact and robust USB camera for capturing high quality images, a key requirement for most photo ID systems. Using WDM or TWAIN, the camera can integrate with most identification software applications, and unlike consumer cameras, the CV50 is built for long-term, high-volume use and includes a one-year factory warranty.

For more about this solution, read our ISG™ CV50 with Flash ID Camera datasheet.

ISG™ CV24 Photo ID Camera

CV24 Camera

The ISG™ CV24 Photo ID Camera uses a progressive scan, 1.3 mega-pixel with 1/3" CMOS sensor and is a very compact, yet reliable camera for capturing high quality images. Using WDM, TWAIN or DirectX/DirectShow, the camera integrates with most photo ID software applications, is built for high-volume usage, and includes a one-year factory warranty. Options include both with and without an attached flash module.

For the non-flash version, read our ISG™ CV24 ID Camera datasheet.

For the flash version, read our ISG™ CV24 with Flash ID Camera datasheet.

ISG™ CV20 Photo ID Camera

CV20 Camera

The ISG™ CV20 Photo ID Camera is ideal for cost-conscious customers that need a durable, reliable camera. It is a very compact camera that captures high quality photos using WDM, TWAIN or DirectX/DirectShow and integrates with most photo ID software applications. More flexible than generic consumer grade digital cameras, the CV20 will last for many years and includes a one-year factory warranty.

Learn more by reading our ISG™ CV20 ID Camera datasheet.

Signature Capture

signature pad

The Datacard® Signature Pointe™ is a software and hardware solution includes everything you need to capture, store and print electronic signatures. The rugged signature pad features an interactive LCD that allows users to see their handwriting as they sign, minimizing the chance of errors. The integrated Signature Pointe™ software, part of the Datacard® Capture Pointe™ Series software family, can manage your entire electronic signature database. Accurate and reliable, the Signature Pointe™ solution offers an extra measure for organizations looking for an additional line of defense in their ID programs.

For more information on this solution, read our Signature Capture datasheet.

IDPix 1000 Professional

IDPix Software

The IDPix 1000 Professional image capture enhancement tool is the perfect complement to any image capture system, enabling you to save time while providing a more professional look to your photo IDs.

Perform high level image capture with the simple click of a button to produce high quality photo ID badges with this intuitive software solution that works with a variety of digital cameras to deliver consistent image capture with a host of available automatic editing features to obtain the highest quality image for your system. Guarantee the best possible image every time by using this dependable, user-friendly capture solution that works directly with your ID card system.

Key features of IDPix include:

  • One click photo capture & auto cropping
  • Quickly capture high quality photos
  • Simple cable management
  • Integration with multiple cameras & software solutions
  • Reliable, consistent performance
  • Streamlined design & function controls

Read more about this solution in our IDPix datasheet.

SmartReg Automated Enrollment System

SmartReg Reader

BadgePass™ SmartReg simplifies the process of collecting customer information while actually increasing the accuracy of the information gathered. The SmartReg system provides you with the ability to automatically populate your enrollment screen by scanning a customer's state or federally issued identification card. It can also help you reduce your enrollment time dramatically by using fewer keystrokes and less time to manually entering information. This particular BadgePass module also decodes the information stored on magnetic stripes or 2D barcodes, which can then be automatically captured to complete any enrollment or registration form. Increase accuracy and security of the information collected while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction with our SmartReg software solution.

For more information on this BadgePass solution, read our SmartReg datasheet.

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