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Patient ID Systems

patient id card

Positive patient identification continues to be a major concern for healthcare providers. Experts agree that healthcare fraud and duplicate medical records are extremely costly to hospital systems. Patient misidentification can be even more costly, not just in dollars but in lives, so an accurate patient ID system is essential to risk aversion and quality healthcare service.

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers a variety of solutions that help healthcare facilities do more than just save money; our patient ID systems also help you properly manage patient treatments, eliminate duplicate medical records, protect against healthcare fraud, and avoid other related risks.

Patient ID Card System

The ISG recognizes the many obstacles you face in collecting and securing vital patient information. To overcome these difficulties and provide additional benefits for your facility and processes, we offer our complete patient ID card system.

This healthcare ID card system helps you to reduce redundant patient records, improve accuracy for patient recognition, enhance your organization's branding and marketing efforts, and provide a strong return on your investment.

patient ID

Today's healthcare market faces many resource-depleting and time-consuming challenges, including:

  • Positively identifying patients during registration process
  • Reducing or eliminating costly duplicate medical records
  • Increasing registration speeds while protecting sensitive patient information
  • Improving the healthcare firm's marketing and brand image

By implementing an ISG patient ID card system, you can meet these challenges head on while still conforming to all industry regulations and HIPAA requirements.

For more information on this fast and effective patient identification solution, view our Patient ID Card System datasheet and our Patient Registration & Identification white paper.

How Our Patient ID Card System Works

With the ISG’s patient ID card system, every patient is issued their own individually personalized ID card with their name, photo and contact information printed on the surface of the plastic ID card, along with your health organization’s name, logo and information. The card allows your patients to quickly and accurately check-in to your healthcare systems facilities, instantly pulling up their records, including appointment times, treatment history, insurance carriers, preferred providers and more. This allows your patients to feel like a “VIP” in your system, and get immediately recognized to begin service.

smartreg patient registration

Patient registration, verification and check-in using the personalized patient ID card is very similar to using SmartReg scanning of state driver licenses. Identical information can be printed and/or encoded in the patient ID card, and used for fast check-in for patient visits, appointments, and procedures. A major advantage is that the patient doesn't need to have an state-issued driver license in order to verify their identity, as long as they have a patient ID card in your system issued by you.

The card also acts like a “billboard in their billfold” by reminding them of upcoming appointments and the positive quality of care your healthcare system provides to them. It helps to solidify patient trust of your care by way of the fast record retrieval, improved services, and ownership of their personalized patient ID card.

For real-world examples of our patient ID system in action, view our Patient ID case study. You can also to view a short video discussing our patient ID card system.

Learn More About Patient ID Card Systems

To discover more about the ISG patient ID card system or any of our healthcare ID card solutions, and how they can be beneficial to patient safety and securit in your healthcare facilities, please contact us today or request a quote.