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Mobile Credentials & Access

mobile credentials and access control

Rarely misplaced and consistently in hand, the mobile phone has become the most valued technology we own. ISG mobile credential and access solutions merge security with convenience by storing secure identities on smartphones for opening doors and gates. These powerful solutions enable Android or iOS phones to communicate with readers using a close-range "tapping" or simply by slowly "waving" the device in front of the reader. ISG mobile access and credential solutions leverage standard device technologies, are universally accessible, easy to deploy, and simple to manage.

Mobile Access Control

ISG mobile credential solutions make managing access control easy. Increase operational efficiency with the ability to manage mobile credentials though a robust online portal. Simply send invitations and provision or revoke mobile IDs over-the-air. No physical encoding, printing or returns are necessary – secure identities are managed wirelessly through the phone.

Advanced multi-layered security ensures tamper-resistant protection of keys and cryptographic operations. This incorporation of technology to manage identity data results in a dynamic and highly secure mobile solution.

mobile credentials access wallet

Mobile ID Wallets

No need to write down passcodes or worry about leaving your access cards laying around. The ISG offers digital wallet applications for mobile phones that allow users to store virtual credentials from multiple trusted sources. Credentials such as building access cards, corporate identities, club memberships or payment cards can be securely stored in your mobile ID wallet, allowing you to safely carry all of your credentials with you everywhere you go.

The mobile ID wallet allows you to consolidate all of your virtual credentials, tokens and digital certificates in one manageable application, with settings for manual or automatic authentication, including credentials that require a PIN or biometrics.

legacy reader gateway module

Legacy Reader Gateway Modules

The ISG offers a variety of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) gateway modules that attach to almost any building access reader and are powered using the readers RFID field. The building access credential data is sent encrypted from a mobile device via BLE to the gateway module. The module then translates the data into a supported RFID format, allowing users to replace their existing physical access cards with digital credentials stored within their mobile device. The module does not prevent existing physical access cards from communicating with the reader which means migration to mobile credentials can be gradual.

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