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Matica Central Issuance

matica central issuance

Matica develops, manufactures and markets proprietary high performance, mid-range and desktop solutions for industrial card personalization and card mailing systems. The ISG group offers a full range of customizable personalization and encoding technologies for banking, government, access control, ID and transportation applications.

Matica S5200 Desktop Systems

The S5200 line is comprised of task-specific solutions that offer many of the key components of our top-selling S7000 system as standalone machines for truly exceptional price-to-performance ratios. Whether it is card embossing, graphics printing or laser engraving, there is now a dedicated desktop S5000 solution that is specifically designed for straightforward personalization of an application.

Matica S5200 Series

Matica S6200 Mid-range Systems

The new S6200 line consists of several pre-configured card personalization solutions for graphics printing, embossing or both, also with encoding options. These smaller systems can be used on a table top or placed on an optional floor stand and will undoubtedly represent the optimal balance of price, performance and form factor for many customers. Each system provides a high performance to low cost ratio that makes them dutifully suited to industrial grade tasks in mid to high volumes.

Matica S6200 Series

Matica S7000 High Speed Systems

When high speed issuance is required, reliability and flexibility are the keys to success. Matica's central issuance products meet and exceed these requirements, being able to print/encode over 2,000 cards per hour and emboss up to 1000 cards per hour.

These systems are completely modular and can be upgraded in the field by adding the module that is needed and can be linked to our mailing system to provide a complete turnkey solution. With a host of modular stations, you can build your own custom solution to meet the most demanding card personalization needs.

Matica S7000 Series