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Law Enforcement ID Solutions

Law Enforcement

With over 35 years of experience serving law enforcement agencies on the federal, state, and local levels, the Identification Systems Group (ISG) network of dealers in the USA and Canada have provided everything from standalone emergency management ID systems to fully integrated identity management and access control solutions for individual city departments and statewide programs.

Sheriff & Police ID Card Systems

With top-of-the-line secure credential issuance printers, flexible, modular ID software solutions, and an enormous variety of customizable badging accessories, the ISG does all it can to support law enforcement agencies with the right solutions to properly identify their personnel and secure their facilities.

From complete ID card systems to individual security components, we offer city police, county sheriffs, state troopers, and federal investigators the identification products and badging supplies they need. Need an ID card system that links to your access control system or video surveillance system, or your inmate identification system to your visitor management system? We can do that and much more.

Inmate Identification Systems

Every correctional facility, whether a city juvenile detention center or a federal maximum security prison, needs to be able to properly identify everyone: facility staff, police officers, government employees, site vendors, visitors, and, of course, each individual inmate. The ISG offers complete identification systems that can issue, track and manage credentials for all.

For inmate identification, we offer our durable Clincher® inmate ID wristbands, with options for printed color photos, tracking barcodes, medical alert symbols, and more. The inmate ID wristbands come in a variety of colors, both striped and solid, and include the option for custom logo printing directly on the wristband.

You can read more in our Inmate Identification datasheet, or contact us with any questions you may have.

Concealed Weapons/Concealed Carry Permit Systems

The ISG offers the most dependable desktop credential issuance solutions, including BadgePass™ ID software and Peak RTX retransfer printers, with a myriad of card level security options perfect for issuing durable civilian cards offered solely by law enforcement agencies, like concealed weapons/concealed carry permits. In addition to other civilian identification cards that may be issued by a state’s DMV, many state, county, and city law enforcement offices issue a variety of cards locally for different programs, including drug awareness campaigns like D.A.R.E., children’s ID cards, officer event cards, and more.

Contact Us for Law Enforcement ID Card Solutions

The ISG has a network of nationwide members who can coordinate and cooperate with government agencies with locations across state lines. Whether your government department has a single location that requires local service and support, or has facilities spread across the continent, the ISG is here to help.

To learn more about the markets we serve and the ID card systems we offer, please contact us today.