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Citizen Identification Solutions

Citizen Identification

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) provides a variety of citizen identification solutions for government card programs across the US and Canada. Whether it’s library cards for a local municipality, hunting licenses for state parks, or border crossing cards issued by federal agencies, the ISG has ID card systems for each need, and related solutions that help increase positive identification and secure issuance for every resident.

Visa Cards & Passport Cards

In recent years, there has been an increased demand for secure border crossing ID cards for regular business and leisure travelers, in lieu of cumbersome paper passports which require stamping. Plastic visa cards and passport cards linked to secure issuance systems, with completed background checks and verified traveler information, are much more convenient and, with features such as two-factor authentication, are also more secure. ISG dealers can provide individual components, approved supplies, and complete solutions for the issuance of such cards

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Library Cards

One of the most commonly issued resident cards in the USA is the public library card, provided by municipalities all across the country, with multiple members of the same household often possessing their own cards. Even a small community might issue thousands of library cards per year, as new residents move into a community, families grow, and lost or damaged cards need to be replaced. A library card is one of the most effective ways to brand your local government and provide visible services to your citizens. From library card issuance and  visitor check in to asset tracking and more, the ISG offers solutions helpful to managing libraries and serving their members every day.

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Parks & Recreation Cards

Though state parks are the most likely to issue parks and recreation cards to citizens, many national parks and even local community parks now regularly issue member IDs, donor cards, parking passes, docking permits, and special event badges to park attendees. Plastic, personalized cards are much more durable and more likely to be displayed than paper tags, and create a greater sense of member ownership. The ISG also provides card issuance systems for water parks, community rec centers, bike trails, or any other public recreation facility where paid memberships or season passes are issued.

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Hunting Licenses & Fishing Licenses

Every year, over 60 million hunting licenses and fishing licenses are issued in the US and Canada by state and local governments. In recent years, plastic identification cards have started to replace traditional paper licenses. Plastic fishing or hunting licenses are much easier for game wardens to track by swiping cards of reported offenders or licenses requiring further verification. Plastic permits are also much more durable and are resistant to water and weather damage. Embedded, printed, and encoded security features can also be added to the issued cards to defend against fraud.

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Welfare Cards & EBT Cards

Some of the most important government card programs for state residents are for welfare benefits and EBT services. This includes programs like WIC, SNAP, and Native American reservation services. Each year, thousands of credentials are issued to needy citizens for different purposes, including ID cards, debit cards, service description cards, and member benefits cards. The ISG offers solutions for both desktop instant issuance and centralized mass issuance for any size of welfare card or EBT card program.

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The ISG network of credential management professionals in the USA and Canada can coordinate and cooperate with government agencies at every level, with card issuance systems for every citizen identification need. Whether your government card programs need instant over-the-counter or centralized issuance, the ISG has the right solutions to serve your constituents.

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