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Logical Security

logical security

With the advent of physical access control systems, many companies found themselves in need of ways to secure more than just doors and gateways. This gave rise to integrated solutions that also include various forms of logical security. The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers logical access control system (LACS) solutions that are fully compatible with their physical counterparts. Our multifactor, logical access solutions help enterprises of all types repel attacks on their networks and infrastructure systems to keep company information, plus customer and employee data, safe.

Reliable Logical Access Control Solutions

In recent years, numerous governmental compliance regulations have been implemented that require strong logical security, including biometric minutiae, personal identification numbers (PINs), and strict password requirements. Failure to comply with these regulations to protect data can often lead to significant consequences. Therefore, it is in the best interest of companies and institutions in all markets to integrate complete cyber security solutions that guard important information like access control numbers, passwords, and social security numbers.

Any dependable logical security solution includes compounding supplementary factors to authenticate users' identities. Commonly known as “two-factor authentication” or “2FA”, and more recently as “multifactor authentication” when three or more requirements are needed, this can be achieved through the use of individual PINs, biometrics, and passwords, in addition to a physical access or identity card. Sometimes, even more than one biometric is needed to validate appropriate access.

The ISG offers a variety of solutions that provide integrated physical and logical security, as well as mobile access security options that include digital certificates, public key infrastructure (PKI), and single sign-on (SSO) applications.

Sphinx Logon Manager

The Sphinx Logon Manager is a simple, affordable logical security software solution that provides strong, two-factor authentication for ID cards and tokens. With Sphinx Logon Manager, you can use your current physical access control cards and PINs to secure all of your enterprise and local system applications. While other logical access solutions are complicated and require a large investment of time and money, Sphinx Logon Manager is easy to use and creates the strong authentication you need at a price you can afford, while simultaneously reducing risks of data loss, system downtime, and IT help desk costs.

Sphinx logon manager

Sphinx Logon Manager bridges a critical security gap that many organizations have between their personal usernames and passwords and the access needed by employees and customers to essential information. By securely managing all of the login information, and requiring additional authentication, the software protects against unauthorized access, while still including a level of convenience common to most users. The solution also includes complete interoperability with other security technologies, including smart cards and biometrics.

For more information, view the Sphinx Logon Manager datasheet or the Sphinx Logon Payoff Calculation sheet. Contact the ISG to learn more.

Entrust® IdentityGuard Enterprise Authentication

Entrust IdentityGuard

Entrust®’s IdentityGuard Enterprise Authentication platform is a comprehensive logical security solution that enables organizations to deploy strong multifactor authentication, support physical and logical access control, and secure authorized mobile devices that co-exist within the infrastructure.

IdentityGuard offers the widest range of authenticators on the market, with 16 different choices, including smartcards, digital certificates, OTP tokens, biometrics, and passwords, all from a single, cost-effective platform. This solution is also regularly updated to stay abreast of new trends in mobile authentication, biometric authentication and other multifactor requirements, especially with the advent of bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies in new companies.

With the merger of physical and logical access, the lines become blurred, so a complete solution that can manage credentials for all access points within your organization is essential, no matter the size of your business, the markets you serve, the number of facilities you manage, or types of devices you use.

For more information, view the IdentityGuard Enterprise Authentication brochure or the IdentityGuard Mobile Security Solutions brochureContact the ISG to learn more.

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