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Every organization, no matter what their size or market, requires the tracking of one object or another, as well as the management of their data specific to those tracked items. The Identification Systems Group (ISG) is a nationwide collective of experts at providing solutions that meet those various data management and tracking needs.

Whether using identification credentials (cards, badges, labels, metal tags, etc.), asset management software, scanners for barcodes, magnetic stripes, and contact/contactless cards, or some other method, ISG can provide complete solutions or individual components, whichever is needed for your organization.

The data management and tracking solutions we offer include, but are not limited to:

EPIC Track™

EPIC Track

The EPIC Track™ Solution enhances any ID program by providing effective tracking of people, places and things. Identifying these elements with an ID system provides a basic level of security. Adding the ability to track the activity of those identified and analyze the collected data makes your ID program becomes much more useful in terms of security and accountability.

The comprehensive EPIC Track™ ID program provides better results through the analysis of collected and reported data. The flexibility to customize each tracking event makes this solution easily adaptable to any type of organization.

View the EPIC Track™ datasheet or the EPIC Track™ App datasheet for more information.

Asset Manager

Asset Manager is a software solution designed to manage and track assets such as equipment, supplies, electronics, and vehicles. Any item that can be labeled with a barcode can be logged into the Asset Manager software and assigned to a department, agency, or other user-defined group.

With Asset Manager, you can quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using any asset and view inventory details. Asset Manager is a stand-alone product, but can also be integrated with other Mobile Solutions™ and Companion Products to build a more comprehensive system.

Asset Manager

View the Asset Manager datasheet to learn more.

Casino Track

Casino Track

Casino Track software is an effective solution used by gambling facilities to identify and track players who are listed on voluntary internal or state barred self-exclusion lists. By verifying their identity as soon as they enter your facility, Casino Track greatly reduces the risk of a barred player entering the casino or cashing out.

Gambling organizations are able to increase security and reduce the possibility of paying expensive fines associated with having barred players on their property by using the Casino Track solution.

View the Casino Track datasheet for further information.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID is an integrated software solution that has the ability to capture personnel data, manage that information in a shared database and print secure IDs. Mobile ID is comprised of two basic components - Mobile ID Client & Mobile ID Server. Both elements provide certain functionality that support different user capabilities. Mobile ID Systems can be configured to best suit the needs of each organization.

Read the Mobile ID datasheet to learn how the issuance and validation processes work.

You can also download the Mobile Badging Unit datasheet for more information.

Mobile ID

Mobile ID Spot

The Mobile ID Spot solution reduces long waiting lines by identifying staff, volunteers, students, members, patients, etc. by issuing printed labels or wristbands quickly onsite and then enrolling that person within seconds by scanning their printed QR tag ID. Organizations of all types are now able to quicken their event check-in process using the Mobile ID Spot solution. With shorter lines, mobile data capture, and automated enrollment. Event check-in couldn’t be any faster!

Read the Mobile ID Spot datasheet to learn about this unique solution, and watch the short video below.

Mobile ID Spot

Accountability Manager

The Accountability Manager Solution (AMS) identifies and manages the day-to-day activity of people on company property quickly and securely. Identify, authenticate, track and report on all personnel/visitors with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Accountability Manager is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on organization requirements. Organizations experience a higher level of security, increased risk management and greater accountability using the Accountability Manager Solution.

Download the Accountability Manager datasheet for more information.

Accountability Manager Package

Below are modified applications of our Accountability Manager systems for specific industry niches:

Construction Site Manager

The Construction Site Manager software program is designed to provide accountability and security to job sites by identifying and tracking documented workers and visitors on-site. It allows users to identify, authenticate, track, and report all personnel at a construction location. This software lets you provide secure photo IDs on-site for every employee and subcontractor to wear at all times, plus track employee time spent at any location and keep accurate records for accounting purposes.

View the Construction Site Manager datasheet to learn more.

Correctional Facility Manager

The ISG oers a variety of product solutions that support correctional facilities by maximizing the functionality of personnel and oender ID cards, better managing and accessing personnel data, increasing personnel safety and providing more advanced accountability through personnel and asset tracking during routine and special events.

Download the Correctional Facility Manager datasheet to learn more.

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