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photo id software

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers a full line of well-known and proven photo identification software solutions that are easy to use, compatible with related industry programs, and come prepackaged in a variety of standard feature sets. From creating simple ID badges or customer loyalty cards to more complex employee IDs and access cards, including printed security features and/or smart card encoding, our ID software solutions can satisfy the most demanding application requirements.

View our product datasheets below, or contact the ISG today to learn which ID or badging software is the best fit for your organization's needs.

BadgePass™ Identity Manager

BadgePass Identity Manager simplifies managing identities throughout multiple applications by providing a single point of enrollment, credential issuance, and identity management across all BadgePass modules. BadgePass badging software can help manage users and identities within your system, create customized work flows, and enforce security policies, increasing your overall security quickly and easily.

With BadgePass badging software, you receive built in Door Access Control software at no charge. Simply add the necessary hardware and readers to create a powerful access control system. Visitor Manager and Time Manager modules can be easily added, as well.

Click here to view the BadgePass™ Identity Manager datasheet.

BadgePass Identity Manager

Click here to view the BadgePass™ Identity Manager datasheet.

Datacard® TruCredential™

Datacard TruCredential Software

This integrated ID software solution for card issuance and management allows you to leverage core technologies across different credential types and applications to meet the unique needs of your organization. Datacard TruCredential is well-suited to universities, healthcare systems, retail stores, local government agencies, transportation authorities, school systems, and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

TruCredential requires no individual workstation software or USB dongles. It includes powerful smart card read and write capabilities. A true enterprise-level ID software platform!

TruCredential is available in ExpressPlusProfessional and Enterprise editions.

Discover more about this solution in the Datacard® TruCredential™ Overview datasheet which includes a comparison chart of the key features between each edition.

Datacard® IDCentre™

ID Centre Software

IDCentre identification software is a "tried and true" solution used by thousands of organizations. It helps you accelerate production and promote security while ensuring quality and efficiency in your ID card program. Tailored for seamless migration, this flexible ID card software makes it easy to incorporate new functionality as your program grows and changes. IDCentre ID software comes in four upgradeable editions, from the entry level Lite, through Bronze and Silver, to the enterprise level Gold, and offers a standalone, verification-only license called View.

urKARD™ Mobile Card Printing App

Create personalized cards on the spot! Create your own custom card template and then use the urKARD mobile app to instantly issue cards complete with photo, data and optional QR code. Our urKARD mobile lets you use a custom template, enter the data required, take a photo and print either at your office, in the field or at an event. It is versatility at its very best. Contact us to learn how you can get custom templates for your application.

You can download the urKARD Mobile App for free from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

urKARD Mobile App

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