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Asset Tracking

emergency asset tracking

Asset Identification & Inventory Tracking

The Asset Tracking system is a custom software solution designed to help you manage and track assets such as equipment, supplies, electronics, and vehicles. Asset tags provide barcodes and traceability through the Asset Tracking system-any item can be tagged and assigned to a department, agency, or other group, and given an audit trail.

When the time comes for asset management or produce usage reports, Asset Tracking gives you inventory tracking abilities to quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using your assets.

Some of key features we offer include:

  • Barcoded asset tags for labeling any item you need to track
  • Assign assets to specific people or departments
  • Create secondary records quickly and easily with the Duplicate Asset function
  • Associate assets using a parent/child category relationship
  • Link documents such as POs and invoices to assets
  • Schedule & track maintenance on vehicles, equipment, etc. 
  • Generate assets management reports for accountability
  • Attach documents to assets to meet NFPA 1851 standards
  • Asset tracking by department, grant, and purchase date
  • NIMS resource typing available

View our Asset Manager datasheet to learn more or contact us today for more information on our asset management and inventory tracking solutions.