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Entrust Datacard Central Issuance

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Entrust Datacard® is the recognized leading manufacturer of card issuance systems. A wide variety of system choices are available to meet most needs and budgets. Card issuance is changing faster than ever, driven by evolving consumer expectations, heightened security threats and sweeping changes in payment technology. Pitting cost against capabilities can present some difficult trade-offs — but you don’t need to compromise long-term profitability for short-term savings.

Datacard® MX1100™

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The MX1100 is an affordable first step into centralized card issuance. The system offers a unique combination of low cost-per-card and proven Entrust Datacard quality, reliability and ease-of-use for expanding card programs.

View the Datacard MX1100 datasheet.

Datacard® MX2100™

datacard mx2100

The MX2100 card issuance system is a highly economical and forward-thinking choice for card issuers who want true field modularity, affordability, and the latest high-volume technology.  When combined with inline card delivery and envelope insertion systems, the MX2100 system provides a true card-to-finished-envelope solution.

View the Datacard MX2100 datasheet.

Datacard® MX6100™

datacard mx6100

Operating a high-volume card issuance program has changed. Smaller job sizes, evolving market dynamics, demand for greater personalization and relentless cost pressure have created new challenges. The MX6100 inline card issuance system is uniquely designed to address these challenges at every step of the central issuance process - from card personalization to delivery to insertion.

View the Datacard MX6100 datasheet.

Datacard® MX8100™

datacard mx8100

The MX8100 card issuance system brings unrivaled speed, reliability and cost-per-card efficiency to your issuance operations.  The fastest Entrust Datacard system yet, it offers a top rated speed of up to 3,000 cards per hour. True field modularity, automated inline quality assurance, and streamlined smart card handling uniquely prepare you to meet critical challenges.

Click here to view the Datacard MX8100 datasheet.