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NIMS Emergency Management

emergency management

Identify, Track & Communicate

The ISG offers complete turnkey solutions to issue credentials, accurately track on-site personnel and assets, and easily access NIMS forms for Federal funding. We work with local agencies using National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards and have NIMS-compatible standalone and mobile systems. The ISG's identification and accountability solutions increase interoperability for mutual aid accountability, and track information and victims, emergency responders and volunteers at incident sites.

ISG solutions are attractive and cost-effective options to issue cards or to track people remotely. The integrated mobile workstation can house your photo ID system, cable management, mobile tracking devices, and badging supplies. The ISG's mobile solutions can also manage government ID programs for local police, fire, and emergency management groups.

mobile solutions

Asset tracking is a vital issue for public safety today, where expensive and important equipment, inventory, tools, maintenance and more must be accounted for at all times. Our asset tracking management solutions can help your agency save time and money by keeping an eye on all of your assets.

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