Case Studies

Little River Casino Resort

The Little River Casino Resort needed an employee ID and visitor management system which they got from ISG member, Richardson Business Solutions.

Identifying the Need

The casino needed a more secure identification process for employees and visitors and an improved door access system.

The ISG Solution

Implemented a fully-integrated BadgePass™ system including Identity Manager, Visitor Manager and Access Manager.

Proven Results

Little River Casino Resort has been a customer of Richardson Business Solutions for over 12 years. The casino has long been using traditional player’s club card personalization equipment and peripherals, including BadgePass™ SmartReg enrollment software. During an annual review meeting, Richardson inquired about the current access control system at the casino. When they learned that the company providing service to the current system was offering slow service, obsolete parts and older technology, Richardson suggested Little River take a look at other product offerings.

The casino had 35 doors controlled by a previous access control system and interest in adding additional doors of electronic access. Richardson Business Solutions conducted a serious of walk-throughs and security assessments before proposing a solution. “Ultimately we really wanted to focus on finding the right fit for the customer. We knew they had an experience that was less than stellar in the past and we didn’t want them to relive that again,” explained Kier Breckon, President of Richardson Business Solutions. “We highlighted the benefits of the fully integrated badge issuance process with BadgePass™ Identity Manager and Access Manager and they absolutely loved that.”

Once Richardson got approval for installation, the system roll-out was extremely easy. Little River Casino Resort converted their previous 35 doors of access control to BadgePass™ and decided to add an additional 15 doors as well, bringing their door count to 50. They replaced a previous badging software and now issue customized badges printed on 40-bit smartcards from Identity Manager to each of their employees.

Once they had accomplished electronic door access, visitor tracking was the next security hurdle. BadgePass™ Visitor Manager was implemented, to allow for easy registering and tracking of visitors.

Now, when visitors arrive, the system is used to scan their Driver’s License and printing them a temporary badge. For those guests who need access to secure areas of the casino during their visit, QuickPass cards are assigned with temporary access privileges that are automatically revoked as soon as they check out.


Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

The Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security Emergency Preparedness turns to BadgePass for ID and Tracking Solution in the Midst of COVID-19 Pandemic

The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona needed a new student identity and access control management platform and found a solution through ISG member, Multicard.