Case Studies

Jenks Public Schools

ISG member, BadgePass, helped Jenks Public Schools in Tulsa, OK, improve their student ID issuance and tracking with Identity Manager and EPIC Track.

Identifying the Need

Jenks Public Schools, located just south of Tulsa, is the eleventh largest public school district in the state of Oklahoma and home to more than 12,000 students. Jenks was looking for an integrated credential management system that could help them easily identify and track all students throughout the district.

They worked with their local BadgePass office, an ISG dealer member and solutions partner, to discuss their needs and priorities. BadgePass Identity Manager was the perfect application to accomplish their badging needs, as it allowed them to seamlessly integrate with their PowerSchool system, eliminate any manual enrollment of student data into the badging and tracking system. Furthermore, because Identity Manager offers a complete integration with EPIC Track from Elliott Data Systems, the school can issue ID badges and instantly start tracking the new cardholders, with no extra enrollment steps.

The ISG Solution

“The flexibility of the BadgePass system allows us to rename the photo as required by the district, then copy the image to a folder on the PowerSchool server,” explains Steve McBride, Field Service Technician for BadgePass. “We use the Boomerang PS Import utility to check the PowerSchool server every 15 minutes for any new photos copied over. Anytime a new photo is found, the import utility copies and renames the photo into the appropriate PowerSchool directories so that the picture can be viewed in PowerSchool.”

The district implemented ten (10) ID badging workstations with Identity Manager software and BadgePass NXT5000 card printers, allowing each campus to capture photos and print their own badges as needed. They also implemented barcode scanners to easily scan IDs and track student attendance at each campus for “Pick Your Own Class” hour each day. The student scans their ID card and chooses a classroom and teacher they want to attend daily. Electronic reports allow the school to easily track where students where and when every day.

Proven Results

“Our biggest priority was integrating the new system with PowerSchool so the enrollment and badging process would be as streamlined as possible,” explained Bill Casey, Director of Information Technology at Jenks Public Schools. “BadgePass made that happen for us and provided us with a system that we know will allow us future capabilities as our ID and security needs continue to grow.”

With Identity Manager and EPIC Track running smoothly, Jenks Public Schools is looking to add Visitor Manager and Access Manager to further increase security and control access to buildings throughout the district soon.


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