Case Studies

The Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center

The ISG's BadgePass™ systems was used with EPIC Track at the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center to improve inmate and visitor IDs and tracking.

Identifying the Need

The detention center needed a cost-effective solution to register, identify and track juveniles along with a simple system to identify and register all visitors and guests.

The ISG Solution

Implemented BadgePass™ Identity Manager and Visitor Manager in conjunction with EPIC Track from Elliott Mobile Solutions to improve ID and tracking within the facility.

Proven Results

The Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center, located in Jackson, MS, is a secure facility based on semi-military style, allowing for constructive discipline of the incarcerated youth between the ages of 10 and 17 who have been accused of violating the law. Just over 52,000 square feet, the facility features 84 beds, an incentive program for incarcerated youth, psychological counseling and offers a full-time school with certified teaching staff.

When ID Group, Inc., headquartered in Ridgeland, MS, first spoke with Henley-Young, they were looking for an easier way to identify visitors. For basic visitor enrollment and identification, the solution was simple. ID Group implemented BadgePass Visitor Manager at both the Detention Center and the Courtroom.

Now, when visitors arrive at either location, they are asked to present a valid Photo ID, such as a Driver’s License, so their information can be scanned and they are issued a temporary ID card to wear for the duration of their visit. This system also allows for easy and accurate electronic reporting on all visitor access into each facility.

Henley-Young also expressed interest in easier enrollment of juveniles during the booking process. They were looking for a quick and easy way to capture photos and document information about each new youth being enrolled into the system and then, print them a wristband. ID Group chose to implement BadgePass Identity Manager for the identification portion of this system.

“We knew we wanted to implement a system that was fully integrated together, to allow for seamless enrollment of both juveniles and visitors into the same system,” explains Phillip King, President of ID Group, Inc. “BadgePass gave us the flexibility to do just that – and more. We also wrote a custom plug-in for the customer that allows the staff at Henley-Young to enter custom information about each juvenile including the time of entry into the system, the officer’s information that was entering the data, their worst offense, and more. This plug-in is used anytime a new juvenile is booked as well as when they leave. It has been an incredible asset to the customer.”

This new enrollment process also helps to cut down on errors in the booking log and meet Federal and State compliance regulations.

Through the workings of the Department of Public Safety, Henley-Young is now able to greatly reduce errors during booking with their new system and provide a time and date stamps on all status offenders like runaways to deliver faster processing and court proceedings.

Once the juveniles have been identified and assigned a wristband, Henley-Young wanted to take their system to the next step and track the activity of each person. Henley-Young needed an easy way to scan the barcodes on juveniles’ wristbands and track them as they went to different activities such as meals, outdoor time, school attendance, transfers to other locations, and court time.

ID Group partnered with Elliott Mobile Solutions for this part of the solution and implemented EPIC Track as an easy and cost effective tracking program at the facility.

“EPIC Track is the perfect solution for Henley-Young,” comments Jason Rezabek, Director of Sales for Elliott Mobile Solutions. “The system works seamlessly with all of the BadgePass™ systems, including both Identity Manager and Visitor Manager. We can track juveniles as they attend different events and classes within the facility, but we can also marry their information to another person with the handhelds and software within EPIC Track. For example, when they are visited by parents or attorneys, we can associate both the juvenile and visitor name together with the date and location of the visit and they have all of that data available for reporting at a later date. It’s a very robust system.”

Administrators and users at Henley-Young agree; the registration process for both juveniles and visitors is extremely simple, the tracking process could not be easier to use and the reporting capabilities are exactly what they were looking for. Best of all, the integration between all three of the systems they are using is unmatched.


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