Case Studies

Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Groups

The Eastern Massachusetts Hospital Groups needed a better solution to manage patient registration and check-in and got the right solution from the ISG.

Identifying the Need

A few major issues in hospital efficiency continue to loom, and Identification Systems Group (ISG) has a great solution to help. Patient Registration personnel are having a difficult time understanding the dialects and spelling of names within their patient population. This means that after a patient is registered for the first time and is issued a medical record number, that same patient could be issued a second medical record number on a subsequent visit as a result of a misspelling or misunderstanding.

Once a second (and, in some cases, third) medical record number is opened for the same patient, that patient’s medical data is in several places. That duplicate information can be an issue for doctors who may not know about pertinent data being dispersed in the files. In addition, if a registration person note an incorrect address, it becomes difficult for that facility to bill and collect for procedures.

The ISG Solution

The ISG to the rescue! If every patient walks into a hospital after their first visit with her correct medical record number in hand, that hospital will save a lot of time and money. In addition that patient’s record can be quickly displayed, helping to streamline the registration process.

So how is this done? You’ve always had the ability to issue an embossed card to a patient with their medical record number on it. In that case, a registration person would manually enter the medical record number into the registration system – which can be very error prone, especially with long numbers.

Using one of our printers you can produce a flat card with your logo, patient data and a barcode. When the patient returns, a scanner (similar to the ones used in a department store) reads the barcode and pulls up the patient’s medical record file in seconds.

Proven Results

In the past six months, two hospital groups in Eastern Massachusetts have installed our systems and have already experienced great results. Patients are excited to receive the card and carry it for identification and ease of future registrations. The Hospitals have received rave reviews from the registration staff and have already experienced measurable reductions in duplicate medical records.



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