Case Studies

Dyersburg City Schools

The ISG's BadgePass™ system was implemented for the Dyersburg City School District including Identity Manager, Visitor Manager and Access Manager.

Identifying the Need

The school district wanted a more secure check-in process for visitors & controlled door access on campus.

The ISG Solution

Implemented a fully-integrated BadgePass™ system including Identity Manager, Visitor Manager and Access Manager.

Proven Results

When Dyersburg City Schools first contacted Elliott Data Systems, they were looking for a more secure way to track and manage visitors. With four schools in the district, their previous paper log books weren’t effective in understanding who had been coming and going from each school and why they were there.

BadgePass™ Visitor Manager was a natural fit, as it gave the district a fast and user-friendly way to manage visitors, along with the ability to print customized visitor badges for each guest. Every visitor is now asked to present a Photo ID, which is scanned and run against the Department of Justice’s National Sex Offender Registry and the school’s internal database of banned visitors. If approved, the visitor is checked in and printed a badge with his/her name and purpose of the visit.

“When we first started researching visitor applications, we were concerned about the burden an electronic system would place on our front office staff,” explains Lyn Taylor, Director of System’s Services for Dyersburg City Schools. “We’ve been extremely impressed with the ease of use and speed of our BadgePass™ system though. Now, we know who is on campus and who has been visiting, plus parents enjoy the added security provided by the system.”

Once visitors were effectively being managed, the district began considering physical security. They wanted a better way to manage access to doors on campus and minimize common security risks such as propped open doors and lost master keys. BadgePass™ Identity Manager and Access Manager were natural fits for the district, as they wanted a seamless credential issuance process that allowed for credentials to automatically be activated in door access as soon as they were assigned to a user.

“The rollout of our access control system was incredibly simple and helped improve our building security,” comments Taylor. “Now, when an employee loses their access credential, it is automatically deactivated as soon as a new one is assigned. Plus, security and district officials now have the ability to easily run reports on who has been accessing specific doors on campus, and when.”

The access control system is currently being utilized at both the District Office and the High School, with plans to roll out district-wide.


Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

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The University of Arizona

The University of Arizona needed a new student identity and access control management platform and found a solution through ISG member, Multicard.