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This month’s topic:

Digital ID Cards

Considering Digital ID Cards for Your Campus?

With the COVID-19 pandemic seemingly here to stay for a while longer, K-12 schools, colleges and universities are considering all of the possible ways to reduce the amount of direct interaction that exists between students and staff, as well as the environment around them. One solution to help reduce that risk, while maintaining campus safety and security, is the introduction of digital ID cards.

A digital ID card can be issued electronically from the school to the student, staff or volunteer’s smart phone, and can work just as securely as a printed card. Though a printed card would still be needed to maintain constant visual identification and authorization, a digital ID card can be used for access control, campus services, like library, cafeteria, media center, etc., as well as additional visual confirmation.

New local, state and federal government mandates may require you to consider similar options for healthcare and corporate campuses as well. Whatever type of organization you help to manage, the time is now here to earnestly consider adding digital ID cards to your campus.

Campus Solutions for Future Uncertainties

Even if physical foot traffic is less in your buildings next year, we have the tools to make your enrollment and check-in processes faster and more efficient. Using our SmartReg solution from BadgePass™, you can check students, staff, visitors, vendors and volunteers into your buildings in 6 seconds, and even issue temporary adhesive passes within that same window. BadgePass Visitor Manager now includes a digital signature option for visitor compliance to new healthcare mandates regarding Coronavirus response. Click on the Contact Us button below to learn more.

Your local ISG dealer offers affordable enrollment, tracking and management systems for visitors, employees, patients and students. We can help you manage everyone and everything on your campus, however big or small. We also provide on-site consultation, installation, and other services, and we’ve worked with schools of all sizes across the country to implement solutions that can work for your campus, too.

Across The Country & In Your Backyard

The ISG has more than 30 dealer members across the USA and Canada, and with more than 90 total locations, we already serve your area. With more than 35 years in the integrated campus security, identification and access control business, the ISG collectively has hundreds of years of experience amongst its membership in serving colleges, universities, school districts, healthcare systems and other campuses with their identification, verification, tracking and related security solutions.

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