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Identification & Access

campus identification

Apart from a driver's license, no other credential is more widely used to validate your identity in the US than a student or employee ID card, and unless you work for a very large corporation, it is likely that no other identification document is more closely tied to your daily life than a student identification card. The ISG provides comprehensive integrated solutions for photo identification, access control, key management and visitor check-in through various modules of its TotalCard™ system.

Photo ID

Photo identification is an absolute necessity for any institution with hundreds to tens of thousands of people roaming about, and ISG's TotalCard™ Identity Manager module allows organizations of any size to create customized ID cards that can be used throughout the campus for identification, access, payment, and tracking. The flexible badging software is included with every TotalCard™ campus purchase and gives you the ability to easily design and create secure credentials.

Identity Manager lets you create an unlimited number of card designs for different classifications of students, visitors and employees, and print an unlimited number of database fields directly to the card. You can also print badges one at a time or large batch jobs, using one user-friendly interface for both enrollment and issuance. Our TotalCard™ photo ID solution also supports multiple card technologies including proximity, smart card, MIFARE, magnetic stripe encoding and 2D/3D barcodes for links to access control and other campus applications like the library, cafeteria, bookstore, recreational facilities, and more. You can speed up the enrollment and activation process by reading pre-encoded smart cards during the print process and automatically assign card numbers directly to student or employee accounts.

  • Capture photos of cardholders for use in other applications
  • Integrate with other campus-wide systems
  • Quick and easy enrollment and issuance process
  • Wide variety of options for reading and encoding
  • Creates convenient one card solution for students and staff

Check out more of the key features of our photo ID solutions in the TotalCard™ Photo ID datasheet.

Access Control

ISG's TotalCard™ Access Manager solution is tailored specifically for campuses and allows for the easy assignment of credentials and access privileges. Whatever the size of your facility, our access management solution can take your campus security to the next level. As a Mercury Security, Allegion, ISONAS, and ASSA ABLOY partner, we offer trusted and reliable hardware options, to completely customize your system to meet your access needs and keep your campus safe and secure at all times.

Campuses of various sizes love how easy it is to enroll users in the system, print secure credentials and activate their door access privileges in one single step. Integration with your Active Directory, HR system, or your Student Information System (SIS) can allow for automatic activation and deactivation of tokens and credentials. Options also include the ability to setup NFC enabled smart phones for access privileges and various IP devices. No matter what you are looking to accomplish with a campus card access control system, trust ISG's TotalCard™ solution to keep your site secure.

  • Single step card issuance and activation
  • Open-architecture hardware platform
  • Support for PoE and RS485 controllers
  • Support for IP-enabled readers
  • Campus-wide lockdown
  • NFC ready for mobile devices

Read about many of ISG's options for access control in our TotalCard™ Access Control datasheet.

Key Management

Make keeping up with physical keys a challenge of the past with the ISG's TotalCard™ key management module that allows users to present their ID card to gain access to a key storage unit in any building. Authorized cardholders can then remove sets of master keys for that building, one at a time and return them when they are finished using them. The system allows for electronic reporting of key removal and sends automatic alerts if the keys are not returned within the allotted timeframe.

  • Simplified master key check-out
  • Electronic reporting of users and keys
  • Automatic notification of missing keys

Learn more about our key management options in the TotalCard™ Key Management datasheet.

Visitor Check-In

Keeping up with guests on your campus and in your sports centers and dormitories can be a challenging task, but the ISG's TotalCard™ visitor management application allows for easy recognition and association of visitors with the student or employee they are coming to see. Simply scan the student or employee's ID and the visitor's valid ID, such as a driver's license, to quickly register guests. If visitors have not checked out by a designated time, the system can automatically notify campus personnel.

  • Simplified guest registration
  • Driver's license scanning
  • Associate guests with student residents
  • Electronic reporting of select data
  • Real-time onsite list
  • Ban unwelcome visitors and guests
  • Automated email notification

Read more about this solution in our TotalCard™ Visitor Check-In datasheet.

Contact us today for more information and details about these or more ISG campus one card solutions that may be of interest to your organization.