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Biometric Patient Identification

biometric patient identification

Inaccurate patient identification can be extremely expensive, with some estimates averaging up to $5 million per year, per hospital, from denied claims, duplicate records, patient errors, medical fraud, and more. It’s obvious why positive patient identification continues to be a major concern for healthcare providers. It isn’t just the cost in dollars either, as an entire healthcare system’s reputation could be damaged from serious patient ID errors, not to mention the risks to patient safety due to potential misidentification or incorrect treatments and medicinal distribution.

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) knows that hospitals deal with more than just security issues for patient safety, and offers solutions that accurately and efficiently identify and track patients.Learn more about this amazing biometric patient ID solution and its variety of integrated features by reading our ISG™ RightPatient® datasheet.

You can also read the RightPatient® Personalized Patient Experience document which explains the benefits to patients and healthcare providers when using this interactive patient solution.

RightPatient® Biometric Cloud Platform

The ISG is proud to offer our healthcare customers the RightPatient® cloud-based biometric patient identification and enrollment platform that shares patient data quickly and accurately over your healthcare system’s secure IT cloud. This unique and comprehensive solution offers accurate patient identification, fraud protection, data integrity, and seamless integration while safeguarding your patient’s personal health information.

The captured patient photo is used for biometric verification at registration, and is embedded into medical records and other applications for patient safety verification. The photo is also important for possible dispute resolution.

RightPatient Smart App

Some of the key benefits of using RightPatient® include:

  • Increasing patient safety
  • Preventing duplicate medical records
  • Eliminating medical identity theft
  • Protecting access to patient data
  • Improving patient experience
  • Printing patient photos on wristbands

RightPatient® provides your healthcare institution with the tools it needs over a cloud system to capture and manage patient IDs, safeguard their medical records to avoid duplications and mistakes, analyze and aggregate patient data for dispute resolution, while maintaining full HIPAA compliance for patient safety.

RightPatient® AI

RightPatient® AI identifies patients based on their facial biometrics, recognizes possible medical conditions, how treatments may be physically affecting them, and suggests changes. Using a “cognitive vision cloud engine”, the software links to our patient identification kiosks and registration areas, to correctly identify patients and retrieve their medical records, reducing the risk of fraud or human error.

RightPatient® AI also uses analytics to aggregate patient visit data and provide a concrete audit log of visits with patient photos for compliance and dispute resolution. It also safeguards patient medical records to prevent mixups by embedding copies of photos with the associated records and locking them with a biometric signature. This fully HIPAA-compliant solution strengthens your facilities security, improves patient safety, and significantly reduces medical fraud and record errors. It can also be used to track sessions linked to patient portals and “telehealth” consultations as well as normal office visits.

Contact us or request a quote today for this incredible, integrated biometric patient safety solution.

RightPatient® Smart App

To enhance functionality and mobility, the RightPatient® Smart App can work on almost any smartphone or tablet, turning them into a powerful and convenient patient recognition device. Some key advantages of using the Smart App along with the RightPatient® AI system, includes, but is not limited to:


  • The use of augmented reality and deep learning to accurately recognize patients, even when unconscious
  • The positive identification of patients prior to medical procedures, including emergency rooms and trauma centers
  • The improved patient safety and reduction of risk due to adverse events
  • The unparalleled flexibility and convenience of using your existing hardware

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