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Biometric Tracking Solutions

biometric tracking solutions

The ISG offers a wide range of biometric tracking and management solutions from M2SYS for K-12 schools, colleges, universities, healthcare systems, government agencies and corporations, large and small, for a variety of identification applications.

From capturing biometric data for tracking students, staff, patients, employees, visitors and more, our biometric management and tracking solutions provide fast registration, accurate verification, and dependable reporting to properly identify individuals and provide the services they need.

VisitorTrack™ Biometric Visitor Management

biometric visitor tracking solution

Signing a paper log book and issuing an ID badge is the old way of visitor management. Paper logs are shredded and the data is lost forever, and cards, printers, kiosks and other accessories are too expensive.

The M2SYS VisitorTrack™ solution is a modern, affordable, cloud-based biometric visitor management solution that supports fingerprint, finger vein, face, and iris recognition. Customers can also use our smartphone app to scan and automatically upload documents like a driver’s license, passport, etc. VisitorTrack™ will even issue a digital badge to visitors that can be instantly scanned to confirm authorization status.

Now businesses and government agencies of all sizes can have a practical and secure visitor tracking solution to safeguard their premises and know with certainty whether or not visitors should be granted access.

Contact us to learn more about VisitorTrack™ Biometric Visitor Management.

StudentTrack™ Biometric Student Management

student tracking biometric solution

Education institutions around the world face increasing difficulty with antiquated student identification systems that rely on ID cards or paper documents for authentication because they remain easy to exploit by students seeking to falsify their identities. The sheer volume of students needing secure identification along with the pressure to implement systems that offer fast and accurate identification is sparking more interest in using biometrics as a unique student authentication technology.

Responding to the challenge, M2SYS introduces StudentTrack™ – a cloud-based identity management system schools, colleges, and universities around the world to manage, track, and identify students quickly and accurately, anywhere on campus. StudentTrack™ accelerates operational student identity management to support free and fair access to educational resources, eliminate cheating and fraud, and support student parity across the institution.

Discover how this solution could work for your institution in our ISG M2SYS StudentTrack™ datasheet.

RightPunch™ Biometric Time Clock

biometric time clock solution

For organizations that want to thrive, every second matters. This is especially true of hourly employees whose productivity depends on how they spend their time. Unfortunately, many hourly employees steal time by committing what is known as "buddy punching" - when one employee clocks in for another - which can end up costing employers up to 3% of gross payroll. Biometric time clocks can help to prevent "buddy punching", but can be cost-prohibitive, especially when factoring in maintenance fees.

RightPunch™ is an affordable biometric "soft clock" that integrates with popular workforce management systems like Kronos and ADP. Simply install the software on any Windows PC or tablet, plug in the biometric device, and you immediately have a low-cost solution to eliminate "buddy punching".

Read our ISG M2SYS RightPunch™ datasheet to see how this solution could save money for your organization.

RightPatient™ Biometric Patient Management

rightpatient biometric solution

Accurate patient identification is critical to keeping health records accurate, up-to-date and complete, so RightPatient® ensures high levels of data integrity to optimize health outcomes and reimbursements.

RightPatient™ transcends patient identification, and the AI platform uses cognitive vision to understand more than who the patient is when they take their picture. This prevents medical record mix-ups and empowers clinicians to offer higher quality care.

Visit our Biometric Patient Identification page to learn more about the RightPatient™ solution.

Which Biometric Tracking Solution is Best For You?

Contact your local ISG dealer today to find which of these biometric solutions, or combination of solutions is best for your organization's specific tracking and management needs.