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Biometric Capture Devices

biometric readers and scanners

Biometric Readers & Scanners

A wealth of experience across many real-world implementations has led us to extensively test and support multiple scanning and reading technologies, ensuring that you have the right options for success.

At the ISG, we offer reliable M2SYS biometric hardware devices for fingerprint, vein and iris capture and verification. These reading and scanning devices work with all of our M2SYS law enforcement, healthcare and tracking biometric solutions.

M2-EasyScan Pro™ Fingerprint Device

biometric fingerprint device

An affordable fingerprint device for large scale or small scale fingerprint identification, the M2-EasyScan Pro™ single fingerprint reader is a specialized fingerprint scanner from M2SYS with an advanced optical system that can capture high quality images in seconds. It’s thick, anti-scratch coating on the scanning surface endures long term heavy duty usage in any harsh environment without any difficulty.

FBI certified to be compliant with PIV- 071006 image quality specifications for single fingerprint readers, the scanner is built to capture single fingerprint images from dry, moist, aged, scarred, and difficult to scan fingers for greater accuracy and reliability.

Read the M2-EasyScan Pro™ datasheet to learn more.

The M2-S™ Fingerprint Scanner

biometric fingerprint reader

The M2-S™ fingerprint scanner was designed for use with the M2SYS Hybrid Biometric Platform™ and is also compatible with many standard fingerprint software development kits (SDKs). Our most durable fingerprint scanner, the M2-S™ ergonomic design forces perfect finger placement with each fingerprint scan to produce an optimized fingerprint image with a maximum captured surface area.

This fingerprint scanner was designed around the Digital Persona U.are.U 4500HD (high-durability) fingerprint sensor — image capture, self-calibration, and image data encryption are controlled by its on-board electronics. The M2-S™ fingerprint scanner provides reliable, accurate, and virtually fool-proof fingerprint recognition. The “smart-touch” scanning area enables the fingerprint reader to reject latent and counterfeit fingerprint images.

Download the M2-S™ Fingerprint Reader datasheet to learn more.

M2-FuseID™ Advanced Fingerprint Reader

biometric smart fingerprint scanner

M2-FuseID™ is a revolutionary “smart” fingerprint reader that delivers higher levels of security, reliability, and accuracy than other fingerprint readers. In addition to capturing a high-quality, 500 dpi fingerprint image, the M2-FuseID™ fingerprint reader simultaneously and safely captures the unique finger vein pattern inside your finger. By collecting the complete biometric characteristics of a single finger, this affordable, next-generation fingerprint reader ensures 100% enrollment rates through “smart” scanning technology.

The M2-FuseID™ fingerprint reader is ideal for the biometric data capture, identification, and verification of civil ID, healthcare patient identification, banking, and other projects requiring the highest levels of security and accuracy. With our biometric software and scalable matching system, customers can perform one-to-many identification of millions of fingerprint and/ or finger vein templates in mere seconds.

Discover how this reader can work for you in the M2-FuseID™ Reader datasheet.

M2-TwoPrint™ Dual Fingerprint Scanner

biometric dual fingerprint scanner

Well suited for deployments subject to poor skin integrity in harsh conditions, this dual fingerprint scanner has the capability to capture single, dual, and roll images. Characterized by its versatility to operate in a host of different environments, the M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is a perfect scanner for both large and small deployments in high or low traffic areas. Plus, the dual fingerprint scanner’s affordability makes it an ideal solution for large or small scale fingerprint identification.

The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is a specialized two print fingerprint live scanner from M2SYS with a large scanning area and an advanced optical system that can capture high quality images in seconds. It’s thick, anti-scratch coating on the scanning surface endures long term heavy duty usage in any harsh environment and can easily handle dry, wet, blurred, and scarred fingers without any difficulty. The M2-TwoPrint™ dual fingerprint scanner is FBI certified to be compliant with PIV- 071006 image quality specifications for single finger readers and built to capture single finger, dual finger, and roll finger images.

To learn more, read the M2-TwoPrint™ Fingerprint Reader datasheet.

M2-AutoTilt™ Iris Scanner/Recognition Camera

biometric iris scanner camera

This compact, contactless, and hygienic iris scanner is ideally suited for large scale enrollment and authentication applications. The M2-AutoTilt™ iris scanner offers end users a wall mounted or free standing USB tethered configuration for quick and easy high quality image captures, helping to minimize Failure to Enroll (FTE) and Failure to Authenticate (FTA) rates through its automatic panning adjustment and LED three color light indicators that gently guides end users to ideal positioning to capture their iris image.

This compact and affordable iris scanner offers many unique features such as real time iris distance, center, and diameter coordinate measurements. Built for high throughput environments where speed, accuracy, and user-friendliness are key hardware characteristics, the M2-AutoTilt™ contactless digital iris scanner helps to ensure high quality images for superior biometric matching templates while maintaining a hygienic environment.

Download the M2-AutoTilt™ datasheet to learn more.

Find the Right Biometric Capture Device

Your local ISG dealer can help you discover the right biometric reader and scanner solutions for your specific needs. Contact us today to speak to your local ISG member office for pricing and availability on these and other biometric capture devices.