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5 Benefits of Using Iris Scanning Software in Hospitals

Re-posted with permission from M2SYS and edited.

Data breaches, medical identity theft and duplicate medical records are all nightmares for any hospital system, due to their enormous impact on healthcare data safety and integrity, as well as the organization’s reputation. To take precautions against these types of incidents, iris scanning software can be useful. Below are some of the reasons why iris scanning might be of benefit to your healthcare system:

1. Iris Scanning Reduces Identity Theft

The eye is one of the unique features of a human with everyone in the world having a unique iris pattern. This individual biometric marking can be used by hospitals to prevent identity theft. Patient ID cards and passwords can get lost or stolen, but the iris is always accessible on each individual. If the patient is identified through their iris, it is impossible for someone else to mimic their unique biometric feature and pretend to be them.

2. Iris Scanning Prevents Duplicate Medical Records

A duplicate medical record is another threat to the healthcare industry. Misidentifying a person can reduce data integrity and lead to serious issues like misdiagnosis and even death. According to John Hopkins Hospital, 92% of duplicate records are created during patient registration. Iris scanning takes only a few minutes and produces a more accurate result that eliminates the chances of improper registration and lowers the risk of creating duplicate medical records.

3. Iris Scanning Eliminates Data Breaches

Iris scanning also provides tight data security. When used to verify the identity of authorized personnel, only those with the proper rights can access the data, which effectively makes data breaches impossible.

4. Iris Scanning Stops Fraud

The human iris cannot be manipulated or duplicated. If biometric iris data is used to secure patient information, there is no chance of fraudulent activity, as only those with proper privileges could access it. The actual patient can be easily identified through their iris and administrators can also identify those who attempt medical fraud.

5. Iris Scanning Increases ROI

Thinking about all of the benefits described above, you can see a clear increase in service efficiency. Iris scanning will make your hospital operation practically error-free, and much more effective, which inevitably increases your organization’s service quality. Improved quality with reduced errors enhances patient loyalty and increases your return on investment – two goals essential to any healthcare system.

Solutions from Your Local ISG Expert

Iris scanning safeguards hospitals from data breaches, medical identity theft and duplicate medical records. This allows healthcare systems to better protect their valuable investment and provide quality of service to their patients. Is your healthcare facility facing similar issues with record errors, incorrect patient identification or medical fraud?

If so, talk to your local ISG expert about solutions that could help your organization improve patient safety and secure your facilities.


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