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Attendance & Tracking

campus attendance tracking

Identification Systems Group's nationwide dealer network provides a variety of integrated solutions for attendance tracking at classrooms and required events, as well as worker time and attendance tracking for on-campus jobs.

With our TotalCard™ system of attendance and tracking modules, we can provide your institution with the proper reporting and management tools to make sure everyone is where they're supposed to be to get credit for scheduled activities.

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Student Attendance

Our TotalCard™ student attendance tracking module allows campuses to seamlessly integrate with their student information system (SIS). Our student ID system tracks students' classroom and lab attendance, while helping teachers enforce attendance policies that would otherwise be extremely difficult to manage, especially in large auditorium classes.

Students present their school-issued ID cards to a reader at the front of each classroom when they arrive to check them in for class, with acceptable check-in times customizable for each school. Data is reported back to the SIS in real-time. Other features include:

  • Streamlined student check-in process
  • Electronic reporting for class attendance
  • Enforcement of time and attendance policies in classes
  • Real-time integration with Student Information System

View our TotalCard™ Student Attendance datasheet to learn more about our photo ID solutions.

Event Attendance Tracking

Whether you're looking to efficiently manage campus events or track student or staff use of various facilities on campus, the ISG's event attendance tracking module can help. Every TotalCard™ customer can create customizable events and activities in the system quickly and easily.

Common applications include:

  • Validation of student ID for use of recreational facilities
  • Membership management for pool or healthcare center
  • Controlled entry to events for purchased tickets or valid student IDs 
  • Use of electronic reporting features for total event attendance tracking
  • Issue of student rewards for event participation

View the TotalCard™ Event Tracking datasheet for more information on our event attendance tracking solutions.

Time & Attendance

Managing worker time cards can be a challenging task, but with the TotalCard™ time and attendance module, workers can simply use their ID cards to clock in and out, wherever they work on campus. The integrated ID system logs the dates and times of every scan, allowing you to run, edit, and export reports anytime you want. It's fast and simple for both the employees who use it and the staff members who manage it.

Features and benefits include:

  • Eliminates paper time cards
  • Set electronic reporting details
  • Increases use of student ID system
  • Clock-in and out via barcode or magnetic stripe

View the TotalCard™ Time & Attendance datasheet for more information about our time and attendance solutions.

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