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Access Control Solutions

physical logical access control

The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers a wide variety of solutions for door access control, physical and logical access control, and proximity or smart cards. Our integrated identity management and access control systems provide powerful solutions-from enrollment to card issuance, access management to reporting-using the latest technologies for efficiency and control.

Our physical access control options include:


BadgePass solutions

BadgePass™ is an integrated security suite that provides a single point of enrollment, badge issuance, and identity management and access control across multiple applications, simplifying the process of managing access by creating a secure workflow. The powerful synchronization tools and event notification services allow for real-time or scheduled messaging and cross-platform communications. BadgePass™ systems are fully modular and allow one secure identity to work with many applications.

Physical Access Control

The BadgePass™ suite includes Identity Manager, Visitor Manager, Access Manager, and Time Manager modules. We also offer integrated video surveillance software solutions. Visit our physical access control solutions page to learn more.

Logical Access Control

In addition to physical access control, ISG also offers systems for logical security, including Sphinx Logon Manager and IdentityGuard solutions. Visit our logical security solutions page for more information.

Mobile Credentials

Access requirements have never been so strict than they are today, and yet the desire for convenience has never been higher as well. The ISG offers mobile credentials solutions for those constantly on the go, to gain access where authorized from corporate-issued or personal smart phones. Visit our Mobile Credentials solutions page to discover more.

Video Surveillance

Locking doors and securing networks is only part of a complete security package. It is also advantageous to visibly recognize everyone in your facility, and track suspicious behavior. Visit our video surveillance solutions page for more information about our video security solutions.

Ask Us About Our Integrated Security Solutions

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