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5 Reasons to Use Driver’s License Scanning

Re-posted with permission from BadgePass and edited.

More retailers, businesses, doctor’s offices, and municipal facilities are using driver’s license scanning to improve efficiency, as well as increase the safety and security of their organization. With one simple swipe, the appropriate information can be collected, verified, and entered into your database. Data stored in the barcode or the magnetic stripe can be used for enrollment, verification purposes, and more.

Here are five reasons to implement driver’s license scanning in your workplace:

1. Save Time

One of the most obvious benefits of scanning an ID is the time saved. Before this technology was available, employees had to manually enter all information into their databases. This was time-consuming for staff and frustrating for customers. With BadgePass driver’s license readers from the ISG, you can skip over the manual entries and upload data immediately into your system.

2. Reduce Error

Manual data entry doesn’t just take up time. It also results in more errors that can lead to costly mistakes down the road. After all, how can you make data-driven decisions when the information is not accurate? By using ID scanning software, you can capture information and ensure that it’s being entered into your system accurately.

3. Avoid Potential Liabilities

For some businesses, having information such as birthdates and addresses is necessary. Let’s say that you manage a facility restricted to only adults 21+ and over. Driver’s license scanning can help you verify a person’s age and identity, protecting you from potential liabilities.

4. Improve the Customer Experience

When you have a long line of people waiting to enter your place of business, the last thing you want is to hold everyone one up by checking IDs. Scanning licenses is quick and easy and will keep the lines moving fast.

5. Enhance Security

A final benefit to driver’s license scanning is that it strengthens security. If you have a lot of people coming in and out of your building, it’s important to know who they are. ID card readers let you capture information and check visitor credentials against government databases.

Add Driver’s License Scanning Solutions from the ISG

The ISG offers affordable, reliable driver’s license readers that collect data from the magnetic strip or 2D barcode on the backs of IDs. To learn more about implementing this software into your business, contact us today.


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