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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Video Surveillance

Re-posted with permission from Capture Technologies and edited.

Business owners can’t always “mind the store” at their place of business and it’s amazing how few utilize a surveillance solution to keep an eye on things when they can’t physically be at their location. According to a recent survey, less than half of all businesses use video surveillance to stay on top of what’s going on at their shop and fewer than one in 10 are using video surveillance to track employees’ on-the-job performance.

There are obvious benefits and some unknown ones when deciding to implement or upgrade your video surveillance solution. With technology advancing at an alarming rate and business owners being stretched thin by increasing demands, a move to video surveillance is an absolute must. Here are the top 5 reasons all small businesses should make the move to video surveillance.

1. Video Surveillance Limits Business Inventory Loss

Between $30-50 billion dollars is lost by businesses in the United States due to theft each year. Video surveillance systems are known to be a good deterrent for thieves but what many don’t know is that employees steal five to six times more often that the general public. In fact, as many as 75% of all employees are said to have taken something from their employer at least once in their careers, heightening the need for a complete surveillance solution.

Without a video surveillance solution, many of these employee generated thefts remain unnoticed for many years, despite inventory control measures. Smart businesses change their focus from investigating these internal thefts to preventing them through a proactive video surveillance solution.

2. Remote Monitoring Yields Around The Clock Surveillance Results

By implementing a video surveillance solution, a business owner can use Remote IP surveillance to view security camera footage remotely from any PC, smartphone or tablet over the Internet while in the office or away. This solution allows business managers to “look in” on employees, monitor customer traffic patterns, and observe any unauthorized after-hours activity. Using this solution that implements continuous real-time monitoring – IP surveillance allows authorized employees to monitor critical areas continuously, in real time, or setup motion control email alerts for off hours.

3. Insurance & Investigation Corroboration & Confirmation

No matter what type of business or company you have, employers are liable for accidents and certain types of lawsuits that could possibly crop up. Having the right surveillance solution in place can be a critical piece in defending your business against a frivolous lawsuit brought about by a disgruntled employee or a litigious customer looking to “get over.” Having these cameras in place can help diffuse employee disputes and having a continuous loop of stored images can be of massive importance in case a police investigation is warranted for any reason. Any Human Resources department would love to utilize in-house images and surveillance footage in case of an employee dispute.

4. Increases Security & Deters Vandalism

Beyond being an obvious deterrent to thieves both internal and external, having a video surveillance solution in place provides a security blanket against needless loss due to vandalism and breakage. High-definition camera positioned both inside and outside the business will prevent brazen attacks on the façade of a business and those prominently displayed on the inside will make wrong doers think twice about going through with any illegal act.

5. Newer Cameras Deliver Better Images

Whether you’re a surveillance system veteran or a business owner taking the plunge for the first time, the cameras now being used are light years superior to those used just a few years ago. Images are delivered, often in high definition, at stunning rates of speed with clarity that was not available just a generation ago. These new-age cameras are not only less expensive but deliver quality images in challenging conditions such as bad weather and low-light.

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