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Senior Living & Healthcare Campuses

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The ISG provides only the best campus card solutions for retirement homes, senior living centers, and healthcare facilities. For access to amenities, lodging, pharmacies, clinics, research areas, and more, the ISG has your organization covered with our flexible TotalCard™ solution.

Whether you are looking to replace your current solutions piecemeal as you need them, or build a comprehensive access and services management system from the ground up, TotalCard™ from the ISG is the right solution for you.

All of the Card Options You Want

TotalCard™ has it all. No, really, it does. From patient registration to employee identification, time and attendance to visitor management, door access control to logical access for computers, you really can do it all with TotalCard™.

Below are a list of some of the more widely used features and applications of our TotalCard™ campus solution for senior living and healthcare facilities:

totalcard healthcare campus card
  • Patient / Resident Registration - Eliminate duplicate medical records and speed up registration with our driver’s license scanning solution.
  • Patient / Resident Identification - Produce loyalty cards for patients that can be used for streamlined registration & other benefits.
  • Employee IDs - Issue secure, customized credentials for employees that work everywhere in the facility.
  • Door Access Control - Control and manage employee access to doors with electronic access control.
  • Logical Access - Use employee IDs to sign into computers and protect patient information.
  • Cabinet & Locker Access - Restrict and monitor access to other openings including medical cabinets and employee lockers.
  • Patient / Employee Meal Plans - Allow employees to dine or make purchases using their ID badge.
  • Visitor Management - Register and track guests and keep unwanted visitors away.
  • Video Surveillance - Monitor everything in the facility and parking lot. Save and export video clips with ease.
  • Time & Attendance - Clock in/out employees and volunteers, and track their time on campus.
  • Vending, Laundry, Key Management & More

Campus-wide Control of Your Cards

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With TotalCard™, healthcare campuses and senior living centers benefit from a complete credential management system designed to bring additional value to your ID cards. Create a seamless card experience for your residents that allows them to access doors, track attendance, access buildings or amenities, attend events, make purchases, use meal plans and more. Facilities of all sizes have benefited from implementing TotalCard™ as their card system, resulting in increased security and efficiency , as well as significant cost savings.

TotalCard™ is a modular campus card system that includes a variety of applications. Healthcare facilities can choose to implement all applications or add things one at a time – whatever is best for your needs and budget! You can choose from a host of integrated modules above to build the solution that is right for your specific campus.

Discover How ISG Solutions Can Work For You

Talk to your local ISG expert about your facilities' unique card requirements and the various applications you wish to access or manage with your cards. Let us know how we can help you reign in a scattered card program or build a new, organized solution from scratch.

Contact us or search for an ISG dealer near you today.