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The Challenge

The ISG salesperson made a cold call to a private school in Connecticut. She was able to connect with the Assistant Director of IT. He revealed that they were currently purchasing proximity cards. Knowing that, it seemed only obvious to the salesperson that ISG's Proximity cards were the best solution due to the integrity of the product and amazing pricing. Another challenge the school was facing was being unable to track previously used card numbers without having to do it manually.


The Solution

The salesperson explained that ISG Proximity cards with XceedID™ technology offered a program called CardTrax to track card numbers already used or in use. She also told the customer that ISG Proximity cards were the exact same product as the competitor's proximity card; the only differences being the price and the printed logo on the card! The Assistant Director asked her to email more information with pricing and turnaround time.

After multiple phone calls, the salesperson was finally able to reconnect with the Assistant Director of IT. She gathered the programming information needed to order sample cards. The only information needed was the bit format, facility code and card number range. The salesperson contacted XceedID™ with the programming and customer shipping information. The sample cards were in the Assistant Director's hands within seven days.


The Results

Despite their hesitancy with switching companies, the testing was successful, pricing was unbeatable and the customer service was impeccable. An initial order for 1,000 cards for the summer school session was placed. The customer received the cards the next week! They are now looking to place another order for the regular school year.