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G20 Summit

City of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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The Challenge

When the most important meeting of world leaders in recent history - the G20 Summit - was hosted in Pittsburgh Sept. 22-24, 2009 an identification and credential management solution was needed to manage authorized personnel and access during the event. Bill Livolsi and his team at Automated Card Systems (ACS), the local ISG dealer in Pittsburgh, were selected to provide the solution. The City of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Police Department in particular are both users of Datacard products and ACS services, so they turned to Bill and his team to supply the needed technology and expertise for this special event.

"We do a lot of work for the city of Pittsburgh, so they called us to see if we could help them with the identification and credential management for the G20 Summit." Bill Livolsi said.

The challenge was to be able to identify authorized personnel, provide secure credentials, visually control access, print, and distribute photo ID cards within a 3-5 day window. ACS was part of the planning and design meetings and provided suggestions on card security formats, data entry and printing logistics.


The Solution

ACS deployed seven systems around the perimeter of the city. Products used included Datacard IDCentre Gold software connected to the city Oracle® database. Datacard Visitor Pointe captured the photo off a license and filled out the production form. Datacard Photo Pointe Professional was put in place as the backup for Visitor Pointe for personnel that were not permitted to use the license for identification. To speed up the process, ID Group SmartReg was used to search for pre-registered records. As an additional security measure, the Datacard CP-80 Plus printed each card with a UV topcoat and a double sided card design with a secure UV image for verification.

Combined with an authorized Photo ID card, city officials also wanted a second level of visual security and used Patient ID XPress printers to print wristbands with a photo and barcode.


The Results

ACS not only installed all the equipment, but provided onsite training and 24 hour support services. There was a very quick turnaround to get everything in place, and ACS did an outstanding job of being flexible and available to the City of Pittsburgh. "They were great. They were always there for us when we needed them, day or night." stated Lt. Rodriquez of the City of Pittsburgh Police.

It was estimated that over 6,000 badges and wristbands were produced for the G20 Summit. Credentials were required for: National Guard, Coast Guard, State Police, City Police, EMS and all city employees - that alone numbered over 2,000! All in all, the credential management for G20 was a success, as was the G20 itself. Rumors around town are already buzzing that the G20 may return again in three years. If so, Automated Card Systems and ISG technology will once again be ready for the challenge.