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Fairfield County Libraries

Fairfield County Libraries

Bridgeport, Connecticut

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The Challenge

Libraries have been issuing cards for a very long time. Now with increased security concerns, they need to verify a person is actually who they claim to be. A library can verify an individual's identity by printing a clear photo on the person's ID card, storing the photo in their database, or both. Prior to issuing cards with photo verification, lost cards could be used to check out items. This was very difficult for the circulation desk to monitor. Either the customer would be asked to provide additional identification each visit or the library was left vulnerable theft and loss.


The Solution

Now, with the barcode printed directly onto the card and a photo associated with the barcode, circulation no longer has to worry about keeping the cards in sequential order and will be sure that the correct person is checking out the books. This can all be done without questioning the patron. This makes for a happier patron and provides the library with marketing tool to build its brand.


The Results

Higgins, an ISG dealer covering the New England area, installed a card printer at each library as well as a camera for quick, clear photos. The software was preloaded with assigned Connecticut barcode series so that the card would continue to work at any of the local Connecticut libraries. The cost per card was significantly reduced and the transaction speed and library security was drastically increased. So, with an ISG Library Card system your institution can speed up the check-out process, make patrons visits easier and more enjoyable and provide a brand-building marketing tool all while saving money in the end!