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Dominion Power

Dominion Maryland Power Plant


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The Challenge

Dominion's liquefied natural gas power plant was in need of a solution for identifying process equipment within the facility with critical information such as functional location specifically for valves, breakers, and relief valves.


The Solution

CIM's MDT500 HE, portable automatic metal plate embossing machine Metal tags are embossed and attached to process equipment using stainless steel braided wire crimped.


The Results

This power plant was able to efficiently produce long-lasting metal plates, embossed with vital information in order to identify equipment to provide and maintain a safe working environment.

Embossed colored anodized aluminum tags for easy plant asset identification.

"The MDT500 HE is ideal for our application based on its features. Also, other business units in our company had already been using the MDT 500 and gave high recommendations."

The automatic MDT 500 HE has been designed as the ideal no hassle solution for low to medium tag volumes.

The machine is able to emboss or deboss up to 100 tags per hour. The unit weighs 52 lb, making it a compact, rugged, all inclusive, designed and built by CIM, with quality steel materials to ensure years of trouble free service. The MDT 500 HE comes with an integrated Linux based CPU that allows the machine to work completely stand alone.