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City of New Haven

City of New Haven

New Haven, Connecticut

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The Challenge

The City of New Haven approached Identification Systems Group member Higgins wanting to provide identification cards for all New Haven residents. The Elm City multi-purpose municipal identification card would be available to all New Haven residents, regardless of age or immigration status. The city also wanted a system that would integrate with their current Smart Card infrastructure. The city previously implemented a cashless parking solution that residents could use at parking meters. A card with pre-loaded dollars could be used at all city parking meters. Higgins worked closely with their parking vendor, Parcxmart Technologies, to incorporate their Elm City Resident card onto the back side of the Parcxmart card. Higgins proposed a system that would integrate and build upon this current Smart Card parking payment system.


The Solution

The new card, the Elm City Resident Card, would be proof of residency and identification in addition to being a "pre-loaded" card for cashless transactions in more than 50 businesses. The card can also be used for access to the public library, beaches, golf course, elderly transportation and city parking meters. There is also a "Kid Card" that gives parents/guardians the option of listing emergency contact and allergy information. Higgins utilized the back side of the card, as the front side was already being used for the parking solution.


The Results

City is able to provide identification to 7,500 residents. Several card security features are used, including card holder photo, faded security seal, halftone (ghosted) photo, barcode, UV text script, Parcxsmartchip, and a digitized signature.