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Barrick Gold

Barrick Gold Mining

Cortez, Nevada

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The Challenge

Barrick Gold is the world's largest producer of gold - operating mines and advanced exploration and development projects on four continents. Barrick was in need of a solution to mark and identify their re-buildable items that would stand up to harsh environments.


The Solution

CIM's MDT500 HE Portable, Automatic Metal Plate Embossing Machine


The Results

Barrick Gold's Senior Maintenance Planner states: "Barrick Gold's construction team gave us their MDT500HE which we used for a while and then determined that we needed an additional unit to keep up with the tagging demands of our facility. These machines are very reliable and easy to use; we also like the portability aspect of it."

Barrick Gold uses the MDT500 HE metal tag embosser to identify and track their re-buildable items by embossing the following information on them:

  • Description
  • Serial Number
  • Tracking Number

Tags are then affixed to the re-buildable items with steel wire ties. All re-buildable items must be easily identified and able to be tracked in harsh environments. Portability of the tagging process throughout the facility is a must.

The automatic MDT500 HE has been designed as the ideal no hassle solution for low to medium tag volumes. The machine is able to emboss or deboss up to 100 tags per hour. The unit weighs 52 lb, making it a compact, rugged, all inclusive, designed and built by CIM, with quality steel materials to ensure years of trouble free service. The MDT500 HE comes with an integrated Linux based CPU that allows the machine to work completely stand alone.