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Proximity & Smart Cards

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The Identification Systems Group (ISG) provides versatile, secure, smart contactless and proximity card technologies for reliable and convenient access control cards for your facility. As we are experts for more than 35 years in the access control and identification markets, we offer a wide variety of card technologies to meet any number of issuance or verification needs. Our contactless smart ID and proximity cards can also be quickly integrated into existing security systems, reducing conversion time and cost.

While proximity card technology, like HID Prox and Prox II, is still widely used in many industries today, the world is rapidly moving toward more secure smart card technologies. ISG contact and contactless smart cards can improve your site security, are versatile for multiple integrated applications, and can even save you money versus "traditional" proximity cards. We offer numerous options to give you a truly multi-functional ID and access card system.

ISG™ Proximity Cards

ISG prox cards

For those still wanting straightforward proximity cards for access control and identification, the ISG does offer a full line of cost-effective 125 kHz proximity cards, as HID-compatible ISG cards. With the availability of printable ISO-certified proximity cards, clamshell prox cards, key fobs, prox wristbands, adhesive prox tags, sticky discs, and more, it's very easy for us to find the right solution for your unique identification needs. We offer a vast array of bit formats, too, including HID Corporate 1000, with over 40 types available from trusted card manufacturers. All of our proximity ID cards come with a standard lifetime warranty.

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For more information, please read our Proximity Credential datasheet, read our proximity case study for an example of ISG prox cards in action, or send us a request for quote.

ISG™ Contactless Smart Cards

ISG contactless smart cards and card readers are very reliable and secure. Instead of using open transmission protocols, our cards and readers utilize high security data. Each message between card and reader uses three layers of protection: data encryption, message authentication coding, and mutual authentication to ensure complete data integrity.

ISG™ contactless smart cards, built on industry standard contactless technology, provide robust security across multiple applications, and the open architecture allows for easy installation and implementation. Applications such as door access control can be easily added, and cards can be processed automatically in the card issuance system, eliminating multiple enrollment processes. These cost-effective smart cards are more powerful and secure than proximity ID cards, and provide 100x faster read speeds with 100x greater storage capacity. We also offer our compatible multi-technology readers, which are perfect for users transitioning from their old card technologies over to new ISG™ contactless cards.

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hybrid prox mifare cards

Other Popular Contactless Cards

In addition to our own ISG contactless cards, we also offer other popular open smart card technologies for those who want to use a standard brand or technology they already trust. These include MIFARE Classic cards, MIFARE EV1 & EV2 cards, HID iCLASS® cards, the new HID iCLASS® Seos™ cards, and others, for physical and logical access control, transit applications, identity verification, and more. The ISG also provides the related hardware and software applications necessary for reading/encoding, issuance and tracking of these cards.

The ISG also provides options for “hybrid” contactless cards that contain both 125 KHz proximity and 13.56 MHz MIFARE chips, which are compatible on a wider range of readers, and are perfect for organizations who wish to continue issuing functional prox access cards while migrating to MIFARE. Continue to maintain your current security procedures while transitioning to higher level DESfire EV1 functionality via our open source software solution for these hybrid cards.

ISG Seal of Approval
Learn more about contactless smart card solutions from the ISG in our Contactless Smart Credential datasheet, or request a quote today!

Contact Chip Cards

contact chip smart cards

Contact cards include a visible metal smart chip on its surface, much like the familiar credit cards in your wallet or purse, and are used for a variety of functions, such as secure EMV financial payments, logical access control, federal government PIV applications, transit systems, passport cards, and more. The integrated circuits in the chip are especially useful in applications that require the storage of secure data on a card, such as cardholder biometric info, or with two-factor authentication services to verify identity. While most contact chip cards have internal memory for data storage, some even have tiny microcontrollers that sort information based on the application usage required. The ISG offers a broad range of high-quality, industry standard contact chip smart cards for organizations of any size or application need.

Contact us today to speak with your local ISG dealer about your exact card and chip requirements or to request a quote.

ISG™ Access Wristbands

ISG prox wristbands

Though not an actual card, containing an internal MIFARE or proximity chip allows ISG™ Access Wristbands to perform the exact same functions as a prox or MIFARE card. Our wristbands can be a direct replacement for access cards or a complementary solution to an existing access control program. Our wristbands are durable, flexible, and available in a variety of popular colors. They can also be custom printed with your organization’s logo on them. Their convenience and wearability reduces the risk of lost or damaged cards, and increases their likelihood of use, especially on college campuses.

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Read our ISG™ Access Wristbands datasheet for more information on this unique access solution., or complete our RFQ form for pricing and availability.

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