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Virtual Badge Mobile ID Software

Virtual Badge Mobile ID Software

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It can be very tedious and annoying to onboard multiple new hires, especially with high turnover or multiple contractors. No one thinks badging is a big issue until it starts taking unplanned,extra resources to get it done. Rather than doing all the work yourself,empower your people to use Virtual Badge to collect documentation and issue badges more quickly and easily than with any traditional system.

Virtual Badge redefines the whole process to take the headaches out of personnel management. Eliminate paper time cards or sign-in sheets. Know who is on your property or job sites all the time. Issue or revoke badges on-demand, and so much more.

Virtual Badge uses a secure, customizable, mobile onboarding process that saves everyone time and keeps relevant documents all in one place.

With Virtual Badge, workers can apply for their badges and managers can approve or deny them, all from a smartphone.

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