urKARD Mobile Card Printing App

urKARD Mobile Card Printing App

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Create personalized cards on the spot! Create your own custom card template and then use the urKARD mobile app to instantly issue cards complete with photo, data and optional QR code.

Our urKARD mobile lets you use a custom template, enter the data required, take a photo and print either at your office, in the field or at an event. It is versatility at its very best.

Contact us to learn how you can get custom templates for your application.


urKARD is a mobile app  that prints plastic cards to any thermal image printer in the world as well as sending out a digital copy of the card as well.

urKARD can capture pictures, scan driver’s licenses, capture video and process it to a QR code on a plastic card, can capture signatures, and can capture data on any individual and print a plastic card anywhere.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

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