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TotalCard Campus Laundry

TotalCard Campus Laundry

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With the ISG’s TotalCard™ Campus Laundry module you can eliminate coin collection difficulties and increase electronic reporting capabilities by integrating a convenient laundry payment service tied to the student’s ID card.

This solution could not be easier to manage, since you simply add an IP Laundry Controller to each machine and can control up to 32 machines per room. Tough and reliable, the terminals allow students to deduct funds from their campus card account and saves them the hassle of carrying change every time they do laundry.

Students tire of having to dig for change in order to use the laundry machines in residence halls and campus laundromats. TotalCard Campus Laundry lets them scan their student ID and deduct funds from their student account – no cash or coins needed. The convenience is undeniable for both your students and your school.

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