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TotalCard Campus Access Control

TotalCard Campus Access Control

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The ISG’s TotalCard™ Access Manager solution is tailored specifically for campuses and allows for the easy assignment of credentials and access privileges. Whatever the size of your facility, our access management solution can take your campus security to the next level.

As TotalCard™ is not hardware proprietary, we can offer trusted and reliable hardware options, to completely customize your system to meet your access needs and keep your campus safe and secure at all times.

Campuses of various sizes love how easy it is to enroll users in the system, print secure credentials and activate their door access privileges in one single step. Integration with your Active Directory, HR system, or your Student Information System (SIS) can allow for automatic activation and deactivation of tokens and credentials.

Options also include the ability to setup NFC enabled smart phones for access privileges and various IP devices. No matter what you are looking to accomplish with a campus card access control system, trust the ISG’s TotalCard™ solution to keep your site secure.

Click on one of the links below to download the datasheet or to contact your local ISG dealer for pricing and availability.

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