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Matica C410 Metal Embosser

Matica C410 Metal Embosser

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45% faster than its predecessor and easier to use, the Matica C410 Metal Embosser is the most comprehensive desktop metal embossing solution in the market.

Specifically engineered for heavy duty, continuous plate production, the C410 is a strong, reliable system for embossing plates and tags, and can handle a huge variety of sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses.

Whether your organization is an manufacturing plant, a textile factory, a public utility, a logging company, an oil platform, or any number of other industries that require personalized metal plates and tags, the Matica C410 metal embosser is a robust solution that can meet all of your embossing needs.

From dog tags to serial number plates, from embossed labels to safety markers, for every kind of industrial need, the C410 is the solution. Our durable, versatile embossing system can get the job done. Keep your facilities safe, your personnel informed and your customers happy with properly identified equipment, pipes, products and more.

Click on the link below to download a product datasheet or click to get pricing information from your local ISG dealer.

Matica C410 metal samples

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