Contact Chip Smart Cards

Contact Chip Smart Cards

Contact Chip & Multi-Technology Smart Cards

Contact cards include a visible metal smart chip on its surface, much like the familiar credit cards in your wallet or purse, and are used for a variety of functions, such as secure EMV financial payments, logical access control, federal government PIV applications, transit systems, passport cards, and more.

The integrated circuits in the chip are especially useful in applications that require the storage of secure data on a card, such as cardholder biometric info, or with two-factor authentication services to verify identity.

While most contact chip cards have internal memory for data storage, some even have tiny micro-controllers that sort information based on the application usage required. The ISG offers a broad range of high-quality, industry standard contact chip smart cards for organizations of any size or application need.

  • EMV or PIV compliant
  • Hybrid contactless/mag stripe cards
  • Recommended for retransfer printers
  • Hybrid contact/contactless smart cards
  • Useful for biometric or multi-factor authentication
  • Can be preprinted
  • Hybrid contact/mag stripe cards
  • Can work with most access control systems
  • Available in multiple colors

The ISG also provides options for “hybrid” contact/contactless cards that contain both smart contact chips and other options like proximity or MIFARE. These cards are compatible with a wider range of readers, and are perfect for organizations who wish to continue issuing functional prox or MIFARE access cards while meeting other PIV or EMV functions.

You can continue to maintain your current security procedures while transitioning to higher level smart card functionality via our open source software solution for these hybrid cards. You can also get contact chip smart cards with HiCo or LoCo magnetic stripes.

Chat with us about your specific contact chip or other smart card needs, or click the link below to find your local ISG dealer to get availability and pricing information.

Multi-technology smart cards

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