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Casino Track software is an effective solution used by gambling facilities to identify and track players who are listed on voluntary internal or state barred self-exclusion lists. By verifying their identity as soon as they enter your facility, Casino Track greatly reduces the risk of a barred player entering the casino or cashing out.

Gambling organizations are able to increase security and reduce the possibility of paying expensive fines associated with having barred players on their property by using the Casino Track solution.

Every player who enters the facility is required to have their driver’s license or state issued ID scanned. The information is populated into the Casino Track software and is instantly checked against multiple exclusion data-bases and identified as either approved or barred.

Users are also able to perform a manual search by typing in a person’s name. If a match appears based on search criteria, a screen shot of possible violators appear along with their photo. This provides the capability of verifying the identity of an individual before confronting them.

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