BadgePass QuickPass Cards

BadgePass QuickPass Cards

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For years, organizations have struggled to find a secure and cost-effective way to manage temporary visitor access. QuickPass cards offer the benefit of rapid visitor enrollment combined with the security of an enterprise access control system. The process is simple. First, register a guest using BadgePass Visitor Manager. Then, instead of issuing an adhesive badge, assign a QuickPass card to the guest. Only when it’s associated with a current guest will a QuickPass card have active access privileges.

  • Seamless activation
  • Fast & efficient
  • Grants limited access
  • Can be personalized
  • Manual or scheduled deactivation

When a visitor leaves, access rights are automatically revoked, eliminating the security risks typically associated with giving access credentials to guests. Fast, efficient and secure; BadgePass™ QuickPass has everything you need for proper visitor ID issuance.

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