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ID Card System Solutions


Photo ID cards are key components of any identification security process. The Identification Systems Group (ISG) offers the largest selection of photo ID card system solutions in Atlanta and the surrounding area. Our ID card systems allow users to log on to computer networks, open doors, clock in and out, make internal purchases, and utilize an array of integrated identity fields.

Like every organization, your group’s security requirements will grow and evolve over time. To accommodate this, you need an ID system that can expand, as well, one that lets you integrate other applications to create a complete security solution. The ISG has more than 35 years’ experience in identification card systems, and has provided integrated identity solutions for countless clients in and around Atlanta.

We deliver complete photo ID card solutions that are easy to integrate into your new or existing security system. Our streamlined solutions combat threats to your organization and protect your most sensitive data and property while helping to improve productivity and profitability. Whether you’re looking for a simple ID card system or our most sophisticated solution, the ISG can meet your needs.

Contact the Identification Systems Group for employee ID systems, student ID systems, and more.

Atlanta’s Most Complete ID Card Solutions

The ISG’s dependable and versatile ID card systems will take the hassle out of your issuance programs. We provide economical, versatile, and secure ID card solutions for all industries and applications, from corporate to government to education.

Our ID card systems are fully integrated and supported, and include everything you need for a complete ID card solution. Our photo identification card systems typically include:

With a variety of options and available extra features, our ID card systems can be custom-tailored to deliver the performance and security your application requires. Options include:

Comprehensive Mobile Photo ID Card Solutions

If you need to use your ID card system in remote locations, or are looking for a solution for potential crisis situations where mobile badging may be the only option, our mobile solutions are just what you’re looking for. All our mobile badging units are fully integrated, turnkey systems that can operate with little to no preparation. These compact, self-contained workstations include everything you need to instantly create IDs onsite. Our mobile badging solutions are designed for fast and easy implementation in any situation, including crisis management for first responders.

View our Mobile Badging Unit datasheet or contact the ISG for more information.

Contact Us for ID Card Systems in Atlanta & Beyond

The Identification Systems Group leading supplier of onsite and portable ID card systems in Atlanta and all across the country. We offer reliable, proven, and versatile solutions, including student ID card systems, employee ID card systems, healthcare ID systems, and more. With sales, service, and support personnel in the Atlanta area, the ISG can respond quickly to your ID system issues, handle hardware repairs, provide badging supplies, and offer technical insights for ID solutions. Contact us today!